Show & Tell Tuesday


It’s the last Show & Tell Tuesday of the year with momfessionals! Sadz.

But that’s okay – I’m sure we’re going to have a whole lot of other goodness coming in 2018!

Today we’re talking about our favorite posts of 2017. (The graphic says 2016, but I think it means 2017…)

I decided to pick the best post from each month – so here you go! 🙂


January – Our year started off with a ton of parties! 🙂 From The Hubster’s birthday to my sweet niece’s birthday, we celebrated our people hard!


February – I talked about my sisters. I didn’t grow up with a sister, so having these 2 as my sisters-in-law is one of the greatest gifts of my life.


March – I did a Spring Break throwback post and, oh man, what I wouldn’t give to go back to Grand Cayman for a few days! Sigh. And fit into those clothes…


April – I’m actually picking 2 posts, but it’s about the same thing. Our Jamaica trip! 🙂 Post 1 and Post 2!


May – I thought it would be fun to pick a life lately post. Especially because this adorable pup is featured!


June – My mother-in-law’s retirement weekend was one of the most fun we’ve all had together in awhile. We’re so happy she’s enjoying retirement!


July – I’m so happy that I was able to keep up with the #graceandlovephotochallenge because it was so much fun.


August – Of course I had to feature pink shoes for one of these posts! 🙂 These are my favorite of the summer.


September – I liked talked about all my favorite shows that restarted for the fall!


October – My favorite time in October was doing a little travel with the Hubster. We explored Chicago and it was a blast!


November – I shared how much I love Christmas jammies!


December – Christmas decorations are my favorite thing in the entire world!

Whew – there you have it – 2017 in a nutshell!



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