Thirsty Thursday!

I’m out of town on a work trip, but I thought we all could use a break in the monotony of the week and talk about our favorite cocktails!

My cocktail love started in college when I discovered the mixed drink, Sex on the Beach. It consists of peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice. It’s quite tasty. But I soon realized that while fun to drink, not appropriate to order when at a work function. So I forced myself to start liking rum and coke. It sounded grown up and I could feel confident ordering it in front of my bosses.

But then I found some real grown up friends who introduced me to the amazing drinks and I never looked back.


I think my most favorite cocktail of all time is the dirty martini. It took me years to really like this drink, but one of my good friends made me one with blue cheese stuffed olives and I fell at his feet. Not really. I drank it and decided that it was delicious and dangerous. And I’ve learned a valuable lesson – my body can only process 1 dirty martini per evening.


Ahhh. Hendricks gin and tonic. Hendricks gin is the best tasting when paired with cucumber. I know it seems a little weird, but trust me, it’s amazing.

Cool story – Hendricks is a sponsor of one of the trade shows that I attend for work each year. You guys, they give free samples of mixed drinks. Best. Trade. Show. It’s really a cool tent to visit and they encourage you to take multiple samples and come back often. Let me tell you, we take advantage of it.


I was gifted a bottle of Maker’s Mark Bourbon and while I used to think it tasted like rocket fuel, I realized that bourbon was amazing and I needed it in my life. And then the Hubster asked if I turned into a 65 year old man.

I swirled my my bourbon around in my glass and glared at him.

There are tons more that I like to make and I’ll have to make some more and post them here.¬†What are your favorite cocktails? I would love to make something new!

One more day until Friday!