Christmas Pajamas


Today we’re going to talk about my one of my favorite things in the world…

Christmas Pajamas

I have so many pair of Christmas jammies that it’s obnoxious.

I buy at least 2-3 pairs per year.

Maybe I need an intervention.

Hi my name is Sarah. I’m addicted to Christmas jammies.

There are some good ones this year for sure! 🙂

Let me explain why I buy so many…

On Christmas Day, The Hubster and I will wear pajamas all day.

It’s usually a new pair that is worn for the first time on Christmas, but we stick to this policy. Like we’ve hosted Christmas and insisted that our guests wear pajamas.

Because of this policy, I feel like I’m always looking for the perfect pair to wear all day and obviously, I need a cute pair to wear for sleeping. I mean, I wouldn’t want Santa to see me in ugly Christmas pajamas! 😉


Old Navy never disappoints in the sleepwear section.

I always look there first.

This year has a lot of cute pairs – nutcrackers, general Christmas, a festive plaid, Santa and a palm tree and the ever popular polar bears.

They aren’t crazy expensive and if you keep checking the site (or look on Black Friday), they’ll have some really good deals.

One year, my sister-in-law and I bought the family matching pajamas. We got up in the middle of the night, bought ourselves large coffees, and scored family jammies for $6 a pair.

It’s totally worth it to wait if you see some stuff at Old Navy.


Make + Model has a strong jammy game this year, too.

This particular style has all different kinds of flavors, but I think this Rudolph one is my favorite.

The price isn’t crazy either for a nice pair of pajamas.


I am a person that is cold 90% of the time. So when I see fleece pajamas I totally jump on them.

This adorable reindeer set is on my list this year.

It’s a little bit pricey, so it might not be for everyone.

penguin jammies


I need these penguin jammies from Target so badly.

I have this sneaking suspicion that The Hubster or my mom will procure them for me, but oh I want them so badly!

I should note here that my future children will be subjected to penguin pajamas until they can fight me on it. I’ll just disclaim that now so that someday, they won’t be able to say that I made this up in my head.

Star Wars Jammies

The Target family Christmas jammies are pretty fantastic this year.

How do I make my entire extended family do this?!?!?


Another option for some pretty good jammy sets is Walmart.

They are always reasonable priced and lots of choices.

I do suggest going into Walmart and looking at their selection instead of online. I’ve found it’s more reliable for sizing.

One sad note – I love Gap and their pajamas. But for some reason this year, I haven’t found anything I have to have. It’s still kind of early and they might have some.

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