Summer Photo Challenge


I decided to do the Grace & Love Summer Photo Challenge on Instagram and it was really fun!

I’ve been doing a picture a day on Instagram for the last 2 years, so this was a really fun addition to what I already do. And sometimes I need inspiration.

[12 – Summer Selfie]


I have no idea why my eyes are all weird in this selfie. hahah Maybe I pulled my bun back too much? haha


[13 – Sun]


Love this view I get out of my office window each morning.

[14 – Smiles]


He hates when I take selfies and his face looks giant. hahahahah

[15 – Late Night]


This is not only late night but also a throwback Thursday!

We went out in NYC and partied on this rooftop bar near the Empire State Building. It was so much fun. We had a great night.

[16 – Friends]


We met up with The Hubster’s friends and my brother-in-law a few weeks ago. Some of these guys have been friends for over 30 years.

I love they’re all still close. And I find it so funny to hear how their conversations have gone from job searching and frat parties to babies and laying bricks for patios.

[17 – Ice Cream]


2 things I’m loving this summer (and always), my mom and ice cream!

[18 – Pool]


In the pool of Dads, I got pretty luck to have a great one. My Dad’s the best. And I definitely lucked out with a pretty great father-in-law.

No idea why my eyes look possessed in the bottom picture. lol

[19 – Sunglasses]


I saved up for these Ray Bans where you can’t really see my eyes. We joke that I got them so when I was at trade shows I could roll my eyes at people and they couldn’t see me.

[20 – Family]


We’re sister by fate – marrying brothers. Love this girl and hanging out with her.

[21 – Adventure]


The big wig was out of the office so I went on a lunch adventure to find pasta. It was a beautiful day for a lunch drive!

[22 – Flowers/Garden]


This tree used to bloom every spring in the front yard of our apartment and I miss it. I have no idea what it is but it was gorgeous.

[23 – Black & White]


Missing Lake Erie and wishing we had more time to be on the water.

[24 – Sunset]

Sorry guys – this one didn’t happen. It was party day and this picture kind of slipped my mind!

[25 – Movie]


The Hubster and I watched The Founder. It was really interesting and kind of sad at times. I totally recommend it.

[26 – Rest]


It was a long week so I took a few minutes to relax and catch up on Teen Mom OG. 🙂

[27 – Memories]


I had a work function at the Darwin Martin House. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s an amazing piece of architecture and fascinating that it was built in the early 1900s.

Can you imagine the memories in this house?!?! If these walls could talk…

[28 – Watermelon]


Don’t you totally think this whenever you shop for watermelons? hahaha

[29 – Summer Fun]


Getting the boat ready for the summer!

Yes, that’s The Hubster wearing a sombrero.

My FIL wears them (and buys them in bulk) to keep the sun off of his face. I totally get it. It’s for health reasons.

But seeing them in sombreros is just funny.

[30 – Music]


I totally bought like 10 songs on the 69 cent list. But they’re usually $1.29, so winner! 🙂

I’m so glad I did this photo challenge – it was really fun!

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