Jamaica Vacation – Part 1


Okay, Friends. I’m back from vacation.


And I can’t wait to share all my fun with you!


A few months ago, our friends invited us to vacation with them at Sandals Montego Bay in Jamaica. We weren’t sure if our schedules would let us leave, but we decided to just do it and booked the vacation.

I’m sooo happy we did!


Due to flight schedules (and cost) we flew into Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday night. Unfortunately we got in rather late and ended up at the only open restaurant. They had tons of seafood, so The Hubster was pretty happy. I had a caesar salad. 🙂


Sunday morning, we found that The Food Network has a restaurant in the airport. We had a yummy breakfast sandwich and I even got a Jamba Juice!

Since I did  a very (very) limited amount of research on this trip, a week before we left, I had a mini freak out and realized I had no idea how we were going to get from the airport in Montego Bay. So I called Sandals and asked them about the transfer process and what we were supposed to do.

A nice lady on the phone told me that for $60 each way, we could do a thing called Club Mobay. Someone would help us through immigration and customs and help us with the transfer to Sandals. I thought it sounded good.

The good news about Club Mobay is that it wasn’t a total waste of money. 🙂 A really nice lady did help us get through security, immigration, and customs super fast. Plus, we had a cool lounge to wait in with some fruity island drinks until the car took us to the resort. We didn’t really spend all that much time in there on the way to the resort, but we did use it for about an hour and a half on the way out of Jamaica.

Basically the only thing I did research was the rooms. ha!

When we vacation by the ocean, we like to have an ocean view. We were super excited to see that our room looked just like the pictures online! We had a patio with a tub (!!) and a really nice room.

I spent a bunch of time at early in the morning/late at night reading and listening to the waves while reading. It was heavenly.

Note: we never used the tub. While it was theoretically a cool idea, it seemed weird so we never went in it.


The view from our room. Not too shabby, huh?


Zero complains about my life.




One of the days we couldn’t find any shade.

You have all seen The Hubster. He’s the whitest person we know. (insert laughing and crying emoji). He needs to be in the shade or he burns to a crisp.

Being the crafty engineer that he is, he fashioned a little tent for himself out of his beach towel and some beach chairs. Before we got to this point, here is how our conversation went:

Hubster: How am I going to make a tent? I have some paracord in my backpack.

Me: What? Who brings paracord on vacation? Did you pack an entire bug out bag?

Hubster: You never know when you’ll need it.

Me: Wait…I saw a stick over there. What if I get it and you can make a tent with that?

Hubster: Oh that sounds good.

So I go over to the stick. Which is laying in the sand in front of some beach chairs with people laying in them and watching me.

I pull on the stick to get it out of the sand and quickly realize…I AM PULLING ON A TREE ROOT!

I drop the root. And slink back to my chair. Laughing hysterically I tell The Hubster what happened and why I didn’t come back with a stick.

The Hubster just about falls off of his chair laughing and makes his tent without my assistance.


Sunsets on the water are fantastic.

Much like on a cruise, the housekeeping staff make towels into animals each day. I forgot to take a picture of all of them, so here are the ones I remembered. So adorable. And I love that they include fresh flowers, too.


After the above tree root incident, we rented a cabana. It was heavenly. There was shade for The Hubster and sun for me. It was comfy and a person came by with breakfast, lunch, and got us drinks throughout the day. Win!


We had drinks with our friends each night at this bar before dinner. It was a fun little thing we did each night.


We ❤ vacation!

One night we went to the restaurant called Tokyo Jo’s. It was so fun and the food was amazing.

You get in line and pick the veggies you want in your stir fry. When you get up to the cook, you tell them if you want chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, or a combo. Then they throw everything into a giant stir fry pot, start it on fire, and add some spices.

It was a really fun dinner!

One afternoon, the guys decided to go snorkeling. Meg and I were just going to go on the boat ride and not actually snorkel. Once we got on the boat and away from the doc, the captain informed us that everyone was getting in the water.

Ugh. Unenthusiastic yay.

I am an awful snorkeler. I sometimes freak out and start hyperventilating. The instructors always say, “breathe normally.” I don’t know how to nicely say, “I don’t normally breathe through a tube in my mouth with my nose plugged.” hahahahahah

The Hubster loves it so I always at least try to do it.


This time wasn’t so bad.

I only got a mouthful of water once. And The Hubster got some cool pictures.


Stay tuned next week (it’s a busy blogging month for me!) for the rest of our vacation!

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