Throwback Thursday – Spring Break


Today’s Throwback Thursday is all about a fun Spring Break!!

Does anyone else remember MTV’s Spring Break? I love that people used to randomly dance by the pool.

We’re taking about my Spring Breaks today.



My Senior Year of college, my roommate and I decided to splurge and go on a cruise with some friends. It was sponsored by our school, so my parents thought that it would be okay for me to go.


So we headed on a Caribbean cruise for 7 days. And all kinds of mischief and debauchery ensued.


I held a sea turtle right after I went swimming with sting rays.



I laid on a beach and it was glorious.


I can’t even believe that was 13 years ago!!

We’re all married now. Some of us have kids. I can’t even believe I saved enough money to do this when I was a broke college student. Because my parents certainly didn’t give me any money towards this trip!!



In 2005, we decided to pretend we were still in college (The Hubster and I because our friends were actually still in college at this point.) and go on another cruise.



About a month before we left, my friend Amie broke her leg badly and so we had to wheel her around the entire trip. I can’t imagine it was fun for her, but we all did end up having a good time.


You guys – The Hubster looks like a baby!!! He’s so cute!


I have no idea why we don’t have more pictures of the actual trip. We hiked around some Mayan ruins. We kayaked. We relaxed.

So weird.

But that’s my Spring Break history.

Not crazy exciting, but I wouldn’t change it!!

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