What I’m Wearing Wednesday

I’m back with some of my favorite outfits over the past few weeks of what I’m wearing to work!

Keep in mind, I work for a super casual company. I could probably wear jeans and a t-shirt every day and no one (and I mean no one) would bat an eyelash or say anything to me. But I do like wearing nice work clothes. And I have a closet full that I can’t bare to part with, too!

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


For many many years, I thought that Nordstrom was an exclusive store and I couldn’t afford anything in there.  Unless it was on super discount sale.  So I just never had the desire to go in there.  My sister-in-law works there, but we never really talked about it.  But then I started to see other people blogs with some cute outfits linked to Nordstrom and I realized that there is stuff there that I can afford and ohmygosh this annual Anniversary Sale is uh-mazing.

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