Life Lately


This pretty much sums up what is happening in my life lately. haha

No matter how hard I try to stay on top of the laundry, this is my result. And there’s only 2 people (that I know of) who live in my house.

Last week my neighbor and I decided to make sombrero cookies for a Cinco de Mayo party.

Picture on the left is the one we found on Pinterest and the picture on the right is ours.


They don’t look so bad in the picture, but let’s just say that when we had them in person, our husbands said they looked like part of the female anatomy and we shouldn’t serve them in pairs. (dying laughing…I’m still in 5th grade.)

We took them to the party anyway and they were delicious. 🙂


Speaking of the party – we had so much fun! The food was delicious and we really enjoyed hanging with all of our neighbors. Our street is definitely very fun.

The Hubster took me out for brunch and it did not disappoint!

I love me some eggs benedict. This one had ham instead of canadian bacon and maybe I should do that all the time. Delicious!

Plus my date was extra cute!


My neighbor’s daughter got ready for prom and I got to see her off. Kira looked gorgeous.

While you couldn’t pay me to go back to my high school years, (college…that’s a whole other story!) Kira really is a tough cookie. She’s smart, funny, and beautiful.


Remember how last Friday I was so excited about my new bike?

It’s a devil bike.

I decided to try to ride it and once I got going, I found out that the brake doesn’t work.


So I stopped by riding into a neighbor’s lawn.

When I got back on to go home, my foot slipped and I hit the bar.


I have a horrible bruise and may never have children.

If anyone wants this bike, it’s yours. I’ll have The Hubster fix the brake and you can totally have it. For free.

That’s life lately around here.

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