About Pink Shoe Girl

Welcome to Pink Shoe Girl!


I’m Sarah. Do you want to hear my life story? No?  Okay…here goes!

I was born in Seoul, South Korea and adopted by my wonderful, loving parents when I was just a baby. For most of my life, I lived in a suburb of Buffalo, where I ate the best food in the world. I went to college and got a dual degree in Accounting and Accounting Information Systems.  After I graduated, I worked for a very large international accounting firm for many years. I skipped around accounting departments at a couple large companies and finally found my place at a small start-up where I get to tackle a different thing every day. Oh and bonus – it’s with The Hubster!

The Hubster and I met while I was in college but was dating Mr. Wrong. We IM’d (who remembers AOL Instant Messenger?) for awhile and after I parted ways with Mr. Wrong, the Hubster and I bonded over all things Dairy Queen. Seriously. We met there every night after work for like 2 months. It’s amazing I don’t weigh 18 gazillion pounds.

Our ice cream dates turned into actual dates and we dated for 5 years. Much to the chagrin of everyone around us. Who asked constantly when we were getting married. The poor Hubster. He turned a million shades of red and stuttered awkwardly. So being the independent shoe-wearing girl that I am, convinced myself that it wasn’t happening for a long time and went about my life.

Proposal Picture

Until one day, The Hubster shocked the heck out of me, named his boat The Proposal, and asked me to marry him. Me, being me, had one quick thought before he said the “will you marry me” words and that was that this was the absolute meanest name he could have picked for the boat. And then he asked and showed me that the “O” in The Proposal was designed to be shaped like my ring. And I then I melted into a pile of mush. Actually I stood there in shock and didn’t really get excited until the next day when it all sunk in that ohmygodweregettingmarried.


So on a rainy October day in 2010, we stood up in front of all the people we love most in this world and promised that we would love, honor, and cherish. And then my dad told The Hubster how many shoes were really in my closet. No for real. My dad told him,”Sarah and her shoes are all yours now, Buddy.”

Pink Shoes

And just so there’s no confusion, yes, I did get married wearing pink shoes.

After The Hubster and I returned from our Hawaiian Honeymoon (which was nothing like The Parent Trap – Hawaiian Honeymoon movie, in case anyone was wondering), we packed up all of our belongings and moved them on an exponentially hot day into our apartment in Long Island. Where we lived for 4 years.

Now since we’re all friends here, let’s just be honest. Me no likely Long Island. I mean I couldn’t (and still won’t) turn down an opportunity to shop at some amazing malls and see some great shows. But it didn’t feel like home.  So we just went about our business and kept working.

Until one day, the opportunity was presented that our company would be moving. To a small town in PA. And that sounded amazing.  Until I got there and realized that it was across the street from a farm. An actual farm. Now I am a lot of things, but farmer, I am not. But I put on a brave face and we moved to PA.

While this was all happening, we had to find a house in a matter of 4 weeks.  Which turned into a frantic search of all real estate websites. Which yielded only a few that we liked. Kind of. So The Hubster turned to Craigslist (no joke). I didn’t believe an actual house existed.  But it did. And when we picked it, I looked at The Hubster and said, “well, I don’t hate it”.


But now we love our house. It’s turned into our home. And I’ve actually found that I have some redneck tendencies. I mean I had some real input into the lawn tractor we bought. And I don’t really care that my neighbors have bonfires in their front yard.

So that’s me.  In a very long nutshell.  I’d love to hear from you!