TV Time!


It’s time for all of our favorite shows to come back and I can’t wait!

So let’s talk about our favorite shows!!


I think we all know how much I love Dancing with the Stars. Even when I think I’m not going to like it, I still watch and love the sparkles, the crying, the dancing. It’s my favorite.

I can’t believe it’s Season 25! I’ve been watching probably 20 of these too! haha

Some of my early favorites to watch – Nick Lachey (because I’m a total sucker for the boy bands I used to love), Vanessa Lachey (because who doesn’t love a little competition between spouses!), and Victoria Arlen (who is amazingly inspiring to all of us.)

Can’t wait!!


Who doesn’t love all the nostalgia on Fuller House!?!

I was skeptical at first but it’s totally growing on me and I’m looking forward to it. Since it’s on Netflix, I can just be lazy one weekend and watch the entire season! 🙂


I’m a total sucker for the blind auditions.


Get me all the kleenex ready.


Why can’t I quit this show? It’s awful. But I’m so riveted!


This was a really good one we found last year!


Donnie Walhberg in my house every Friday night?!? Yes please!

How could I not include these standbys?!?

Wow – I think it looks like we watch a lot of tv. I guess we do.

This seems like more than I do watch. Maybe because we don’t watch anything for awhile and then binge.

What are you guys watching this fall?

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