Happy 4th of July


Happy 4th of July!

While we’re all out celebrating with our families and friends, take a minute to feel grateful that we live in this country.

We’re able to vote, express our opinions, practice whatever religion we want, and feel safe.

What a country we live in!

Grateful to our founding fathers this day and every day.

God Bless the United States of America!

Long Weekend


We have a long weekend!! We’re off today and tomorrow for the 4th of July holiday! 🙂

I work for a British guy so it’s a little bit funny because he jokingly would rather give us off the Queen’s birthday than the 4th of July. 🙂

Hope you guys are all having a great day!

Easter Dresses


In the same way that I know how Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, I am of the same mind at Easter in that it’s about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

But can I be superficial for a minute and say that I’ve been looking for an Easter Sunday dress?

This year, Easter will be a double celebration because my nephew is turning 4 on the 16th. We’ll probably also celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday, my birthday, my mom’s birthday, and my mother-in-law’s birthdays too. Because everyone has birthdays in a 6 week period in this family.

So obviously I need something cute to wear.

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Throwback Thursday – Halloween


The Hubster and I go to a Halloween party every year and I realized it’s time to start thinking about what we’re going to be this year. We have run the gamut of themes and I decided it’s time to start thinking about what we want to do this year.

So I thought it would be fun to throwback to our very first Halloween party in 2004 – when Dorothy met a pirate.


Oh my gosh. Those 2 kids had no idea what kind of life would be ahead of them, but oh, how they had fun!


Yeah, can we believe I dressed up as a Playboy Bunny the same year my boyfriend went as bull!@#$? We clearly didn’t coordinate that year. And Ben, The Hubster’s roommate, went as Miss Buffalo.

The Hubster had been busy and I have no idea why he wasn’t planning for this party. So the day of the party, he went to the party store and came back with this. With this.

What a crazy bunch of people we were.


We sort of coordinated! Super heroes!

I’m horrified because my mother-in-law took this costume from me and somewhere in the world, a Kindergarten class wears this outfit. Yes. I said Kindergarten class. I’m dying on the inside.


No Halloween would be complete with a little disco! I’m wondering if we should bring this back for 2016. The Hubster still has those shoes. And I lost my go-go boots in the move, so I’m on board with buying a new pair!


Yes, he is wearing real lederhosen. And those socks make me laugh.

Why do all of women’s costumes have to be so short and low cut? It’s awful.


I made this snowman outfit myself last year! Was so much fun! And I loved the tutu!

The Hubster found a place down the street that rents costumes and his Santa one was amazing. We also had to call some friends who were bringing their children and warn them in advance.

I can’t wait to figure out what we’re doing this year. I’ve always wanted to have some pink hair. Any good ideas? hehe