Retirement Party Weekend


We spent last weekend celebrating my mother-in-law’s retirement with a huge party and a pig roast. It was so much fun (and so tasty!)

Mom’s last day of school went until about noon – so we hopped in the car and drove back on Friday morning. We met up with her, did a little retirement dance, and then headed out for some last minute errands before dinner.

My sister-in-law, E, needed a dress to wear, so I volunteered to get her one at Target and if you haven’t checked out the maxi dresses at Target, run over there. I’m going to have to look for some the next Target Tuesday I have!


We were all in town and ready to party Friday night, so we went out to dinner.

They all laugh at me when we use the selfie stick, but no one gets upset when we have a group picture.

Please ignore my eyebrows. There is a large chance that I was saying through my smile, “just take the picture already.”


Dinner was awesome and we visited the future site of my in-laws’ boat!

The empty spot behind us is just waiting for the boat to go in. We think that might be in a few weeks and we can’t wait!

Again – we all love this picture, so no knocking the selfie stick guys!


Friday night we visited a new hang out – Hamm & Fattey’s Beer Company. It’s been open for a few months and we were all excited to try it out.

It’s really fun in there – they have tons of different beer to try. I tried a really good sour beer and we played a competitive tournament of Jenga. I made it to the semi-finals.

And I found out the owners of the place I went to grade school and high school with.

Small world.

Or not.

My hometown is that small. lol


We started Saturday morning with the pig roast!

So we totally thought the pig guy was going to come out with some giant roaster thing. Instead, I was getting the tent set up and he proceeded to light some charcoal on fire ON THE GRASS and got everything set up.

We had no idea he was going to set the grass on fire.

Right next to the shed.

Oh well.

Now my father-in-law can have a fire pit next to his shed. Because there’s a large char spot in the shape of a pig!

If you’re squeamish – skip these next pictures.

I snapped some pictures of the pig throughout the day. It smelled amazing.

Note – it was a little weird in the morning to see the pig on the spit just there. I mean, I didn’t really prepare myself to see a whole pig, with eyes, staring at my on a rotisserie.


While the pig was roasting, we were setting up!

Our theme was The Giving Tree. It’s one of my mother-in-law’s favorite books and something she really embodies. She gives so much of herself, her time, and talents to everyone and we were all super happy to give this party for her.

Her school colors is green and themed clovers.

This is why you’ll see so much green. hehe

One of my sisters-in-law was in charge of decorations. She mailed everyone a green heart with the invitation and made this super cute tree for people to put a favorite memory or message.

I loved how this tree turned out!


My other sister-in-law made this amazing cake – which is the tree stump from the book.

She “carved” M + P into it because next weekend is my in-laws’ 40th wedding anniversary! So this served a dual purpose.

It was quite delicious – I ate quite a bit of leftovers on Sunday. 🙂


Jess’s centerpieces were so pretty! I loved how great they looked on the tables.


In case you were wondering what we contributed (you probably weren’t), The Hubster and I did the bar. We got all the drinks and stuff set.

We made a signature cocktail – The Gindergarden – a refreshing gin and tonic.

They were delightful!


Someone, and I’m not sure who, has a really nice picture of all of us with the pig.

So for now, this one will have to suffice.

Marvin did a really great job roasting it for us.


We all took a turn toasting Mom and thanking her for all she does for not only us but everyone else. It was such a nice moment to share with her.

And then we ate and partied a little more!

We cleaned up the party and all stuffed ourselves with more food than we should have eaten in a night!

It was so much fun and we had a blast doing it all together!

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