Workin It Wednesday


It’s Workin’ It Wednesday!

This month we’re talking about how to get ready for back to school.

So I don’t have any little ones to get ready for back to school. Nor am I going back to school. But if I did/or was, this is the stuff I would buy! 🙂


When I was in college, I went through a new backpack every semester. No joke.

It’s because all my accounting textbooks were so darn heavy that I would rip through the straps carrying around 3-4 books at a time.

Until I found the North Face Borealis bags.

They are amazing. They were big enough to fit all my books, could carry a water (or at that time a bottle of Pepsi or Coke), and the stretchy part in front could carry a pair of shoes or anything else I needed carry.


I looked ridiculous carrying a bag that weighed 50 lbs when I only weighed 100 lbs. (oh – those were the days. haha)

The first North Face I invested in (it’s an investment – when you’re in college $89 is a lot of McDonalds or drinks at the bar!) ripped in the usual spot. I called North Face (there was  a store near me) and they replaced for free. The second one never ripped and I still use it on vacation sometimes.


Who wouldn’t love this set on their dorm bed?


Scientific calculators really have come a long way since I last bought one. Mine only came in a yucky brown color!


You can never ever have too many Post-its.

This is a life truth.


If you don’t get happy memories of Kindergarten from these crayons, maybe you need to re-evaluate your childhood. 😉


I use these Paper Mate mechanical pencils every day. And someone usually tries to steal it from me.


Paper Mate makes pretty great pens – try these, these, or these for your favorite writing experience!

So there you have it. A few of my back to school recommendations!


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