Workin’ It Wednesday


It’s Workin’ It Wednesday.

Today we’re linking up with Shay and Erika to talk about how busy ladies work at keeping it together.

In January, I shared my new year’s goals.

Update: I have failed at mostly all of them. I think we have gone on the 3 dates though, so that wasn’t a total fail.

In February, I shared how I keep my marriage strong.

Update: It’s still going pretty well. 😉

In March, I shared that I have no work-life balance.

Update: It’s the same.

At least I’m consistent!

In April, I skipped Workin’ It Wednesday because I have zero (zero) cleaning tips. #1 because I have a cleaning lady who comes every other week. #2 the rest of the time because of my awful work-life balance, I just survive.

Last week I folded 7 baskets of laundry. I contemplated buying extra pajamas so I wouldn’t have to fold.

I digress.

This month it’s summer vacation! 🙂


Vacations are pretty easy to plan/pack for because we don’t have kids. I pretty much throw some clothes in a suitcase before we leave and away we go.

That’s not true.

About a week before we leave, I start making a list of things that I have to have with me – contacts, glasses, sunscreen, makeup, big camera, etc. I usually add to this list as the week goes on to make sure I don’t forget anything.

I do the actual packing into a suitcase the day before we leave.

The Hubster throws X number of pairs of underwear and undershirts in a suitcase the morning we leave.

This summer, however, we’re going to a lake house with The Hubster’s family. I believe it will require a bit more planning.


We’re going to have to meal plan for the week. Usually this means that The Hubster and I will be responsible for at 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner during the week. Thankfully there is a grocery store nearby so I’ll just buy what I need when we get there.

The biggest logistical challenge for us on vacation is The Hubster bring these giant models.

He loves having these remote control boats and planes when we are at a lake for a week.

But they take up so much room in the car! They’re very delicate items so we travel very carefully. I get annoyed easily by these models.

#firstworldproblems #ishouldstopcomplaining #heletsmebringlotsofshoes

In terms of planning for vacations, we contemplate where we want to go and just book it. This lake house trip required a bit more coordination but that’s because 4 families are going.

Since we’re going on this trip and we went to Jamaica in March, I don’t think we’ll be doing anything else big this summer. Maybe some weekend trips?

My apologies – I’m awful at this link-up.

See you back here in July. Since we don’t have kids, I don’t think I have any good ideas about keeping kids busy over the summer! 😉


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