Lake House Vacation – Part 1


We just got back from spending a week with The Hubster’s family at an awesome lake house. Come in and hear all about our fun for the week!

We went on this kind of vacation with The Hubster’s family a few years ago. We all enjoyed being together but the house wasn’t a great fit for us.

For instance…for some of the trip I shared a bunk bed with The Hubster and I on the bottom and my (at the time future) sister-in-law. We had an unexpected guest for a few nights and The Hubster and I got booted to the kitchen on a blow up mattress for one night and the other night we slept on the dock outside. (no joke).

So for this trip, we all collectively decided that everyone deserved their own room. Phew.

We decided to find a house on Seneca Lake. The Finger Lakes are such a great area of New York and we ended up deciding to go back to that area.


The Hubster and I left on Saturday afternoon for the lake.

What you don’t see in this picture is that we are packed to the hilt in my car. Since we had to bring just about everything, I took that in the most literal sense.


My mother-in-law gave us all a scavenger hunt to do on the way to the house.

The Hubster and I need to work on our communication skills when it comes to spotting these items on the road. I was taking pictures of the stuff we spotted and sometimes The Hubster would just yell things like “TAKE A PICTURE, TAKE A PICTURE” and I would have no idea what he was talking about. Or he would at the very last second yell, “A BOAT! A BOAT! A BOAT!” And by the time we saw it, it was too late.

See exhibit below.


In any case, we had fun and found most of the items.

We got to the house, unpacked the car, and The Hubster immediately went down to the water with his RC sailboat.


It’s not a great picture because I took it from so far away, but let me tell you – he was the happiest camper ever!


Sunday was our first full day at the lake and my morning started out like this – in a bathing suit on the dock.


I was the happiest girl around.


Of course, the first thing we did was get the fishing derby underway.

My nephew was super excited to start fishing. And less excited to touch any fish. Hence the glove he has on in this pic.

I told him not to worry – Auntie Sarah doesn’t do worms or touching of the fish with her bare hands either.

I have no pictures of any of the delicious food we ate all week, but my sister-in-law had a seafood bake that everyone raved about. (I’m not a seafood person and had some salad and corn.)


We ended the night with some fishing and a beautiful sunset.

Our first day of vacation was a huge success!


Since I wasn’t able to completely unplug, each morning I would do a few hours of work. Let me tell you – working remotely to this view is something I could totally get used to doing.

It was a good life for sure!

The Hubster pretty much worked the entire vacation but even he admitted it wasn’t too bad with this view!


After lunch, I changed into a bathing suit and parked myself at the end of the dock and read my book! Stay tuned for book club later this month and I”ll review this one!


Later in the afternoon, I convinced The Hubster to swim. It was getting hot out and a dip in the water was just what he needed.

Of course, a little boy and an airplane float made the swim a little more lively!


We are a family that loves to play games. Any kind really – trivia, board games, building games, anything.

We broke out Pie Face Showdown and had a really fun time with it. Mainly because when you play with whip cream and can lick it off your face – you don’t really lose. haha


Speak Out is another new favorite game. We just about died laughing during it.

I do have a few pictures of us during the game. I’m also afraid that this will be the last blog I ever post once they see I’ve posted it. 😉


The Hubster is really into radio control models.

Yes, I call him a nerd. And no he doesn’t seem to care. 🙂

He bought a RC boat like the one above on the left and brought it with us to the house. It was missing batteries or something so when we got there, he had to order some parts and have them shipped to us at the house.


I don’t know who was more excited to put the boat in the water – The Hubster or Michael.

No seriously.

These two were so happy to be standing on the dock with this boat. (You can kind of see it in the background.)


I know you guys will be jealous of this – but this lovely battery charger was plugged in making weird noises in my room the entire vacation. You’re super jealous aren’t you! 😉

It doesn’t really matter – all of this stuff makes The Hubster super happy.


I’m going to end this post with this sweet picture of my in-laws just floating in the water together. We celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary again on this trip and it was nice to see them just relaxing together this trip.


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