Workin It Wednesday


Today we’re linking up with Shay and Erika to talk about how we plan for the holidays.

I have one thing to say – make a list!

As you will see below, I made lists for everything.


Let’s start with gifts.

I wrote down all the people that I need to buy presents for each year. Since I like to start shopping early, I usually have some stuff written down long before today. (I don’t know what happened to my 2017 list.)

I also like to keep lists from prior years so that I don’t get people the same thing multiple years in a row.

For instance – The Hubster’s aunt gets me a set of Christmas train salt and pepper shakers every single year. We have quite the collection in our Christmas stuff. It’s gotten to be where my sister-in-law now buys me a set too just to be funny.

(If you or anyone you know would like a really nice set of salt and pepper shakers, hit me up – I have an inventory of all kinds of sizes, brands, and shapes.)


I like to host at least one party during the holidays. And life is so much easier when you plan it out and write it down.

My list usually starts like this and evolves into a timeline so that I’m prepared well before the party starts.

I make 90% of the food well before the party day. Most times, I’m just putting food out and making punch when people get there. It’s so much less stressful.


My final list is what thank you notes I’ll have to write.

I still send handwritten thank you notes after Christmas. It just feels more personal than a text.

And that’s how I get through the holidays.

Well that and a lot of champagne.




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