Workin It Wednesday


Today we’re linking up with Shay and Erika to talk about how busy ladies work at keeping it together.

This month’s topic is keeping your kids entertained all summer.

I have zero children. So I might not be the best at talking about this one.

But I can tell you how I spent my summers as a kid.


I rode my Strawberry Shortcake bike around pretty much every single day. I thought I was the coolest thing ever.


And then when I got bigger, I upgraded to this Huffy 10 Speed and thought I owned the neighborhood.

For real.

My friends and I would take bike rides around the big block and sometimes we were allowed to ride to Dairy Queen for a treat.

I mean.

I know ya’ll are jealous.

At that time I could ride with my feet on the handlebars.

Now I huff and puff and fall off bikes.

Those were the days…. 🙂


In the mornings we were allowed to watch 1 show, so we, obviously, settled on the original Power Rangers. I wanted to be the Pink Ranger and my brother, Dan, wanted to be the Red Ranger.


My best friend in the neighborhood had a pool, so we swam in it almost every day.

New Hampshire

We went on summer vacations.

(I’m looking at my shoes in this picture and why the heck did my parents let me climb a mountain in canvas flimsy shoes while the rest of them had on real sneakers? Since I wore that particular outfit, I’m quite sure I didn’t care what was on my feet then.)


We spent a lot of time running through the sprinklers.


My brother played a lot (a lot) of baseball, so we spent 75% of the summer driving to, practicing, and watching him play baseball.


And lastly, I spend loads of my time making boondoggle. Lots of time.


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