Show & Tell Tuesday


It’s time for another Show & Tell Tuesday with momfessionals.

Today’s we’re talking about how the struggle is real.

Right now I’m really struggling with this work-life balance thing.

Back in March, I talked a little bit out how I have zero work-life balance in a Workin’ It Wednesday.

Nothing has changed since then.

It’s starting to get really hard on me.

We are tired. All. The. Time.

I feel burnt out. I don’t want to do anything but sleep and have zero motivation to do anything.

We work. ALL. THE. TIME.

A few weekends ago, we took a quick trip to DC to visit some friends and go to our favorite craft beer festival.

The Friday before we left, The Hubster worked until 1am. He got up Saturday morning and went back to work. I had a total meltdown and threatened to leave without him at 3:30pm. (The show started at 7:30 and we were about 3.5 hours away). We finally left at 4:30pm and The Hubster took phone calls the entire way down.

Sunday, he worked almost the entire way back and went into the office at 8:30pm and didn’t come home until after midnight.

We don’t have kids, so we sometimes feel like it’s okay to work these crazy hours and put ourselves last. But I think we’re getting to the point where we can’t sustain this much longer. We need to figure out, for real this time, how to put ourselves first.

Because at this rate, we’re never going to have a family.

It feels like I’m just complaining here, but I want to be real with you guys. Sometimes this life we chose is hard.

We chose it. We own it.

We are extraordinarily blessed. We have great (but stressful and excessive) jobs. We love our house. We have each other. We have a great life.

But we’re tired.


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