Show & Tell Tuesday


It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for Show & Tell with momfessionals.

Today we’re talking about travel – our best and worst trips.


This is pretty much me on vacation. Or what I want to do every single vacation.

The Hubster wants adventure.

Life is an adventure, folks. I want vacation to make me forget about that adventure. haha


This is totally my childhood.  Every summer, my Dad would take a week of vacation and we would take a road trip somewhere. Looking back on it now, it was really special. We didn’t grow up with a lot of extra money, so I know that my parents saved all year for these trips. We, of course, thought that everyone went on a vacation every summer.

I was shocked when I found out The Hubster and his family didn’t go somewhere every year. My parents still go on some kind of trip every summer.


The day before we left, we would pack up our Chevy Nova (similar as this one). My Dad would take my brother and I to the grocery store and let us loose in the bulk candy aisle. We could pick out as much as wanted for the trip. This would basically keep us going for the whole trip.

When we got home, my Dad would go to bed. My Mom would put on a movie and force us to stay awake as late as possible so that we would sleep in the car the next day. I have memories of crying through The King and I at 1am because I wanted to go to sleep but my Mom wanted us to stay up a bit later.

My Dad would wake up around 5am, throw us in the car in our jammies, and we’d go off on our vacation.

We stayed in a cabin in Seneca Lake for a few years in a row. (I have no pictures of these memories.)

New HampshireWe drove to New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts one year.

Can we discuss how I thought it was the coolest thing ever to wear a sweatshirt in a size large? And that I wore shorts that like 3 of me could fit into? haha

Those glasses…

Virginia Beach

We drove to Virginia Beach a few different years. We stayed at the beach and went to Busch Gardens.

Why did I think it was okay to pull my hair back so I looked like a boy?!?!?!

Let’s not discuss my outfit. I think my Grandma made my shirt for me but I can’t be certain.

Mid-1990s me was not great at dressing myself.

Miniature Golf

I have no idea what vacation this was but at least my hair was down! I’m guessing I was somewhere between 6-7 grade.

And the mother of all vacations was when they took us to Disney World. This was a really special trip for so many reasons, but my Mom pretty much saved for this trip since the moment we came home. We spent Dan’s 10th birthday there.

I don’t even want to discuss my outfits. I can’t find any pictures from that trip right now. You’re welcome. It wasn’t pretty. Let’s just say I spent a lot of time (a LOT of time) matching my shirt to my shorts to my socks. And of course, the coordinating scrunchie. My grandma helped me make my own scrunchies, so I had an endless supply of them in various colors!

Now that we’ve laughed down memory lane, let’s get to my grown up travel.

The Hubster and I have been on a bunch of vacations together. I still love traveling!

When we were dating, we took trips to DC, the Grand Canyon, and a cruise.

We spent our Honeymoon in Hawaii.

Our 2nd anniversary, we went to the Bahamas.

Our 3rd anniversary was in Maui.

We went back to Maui in 2015 because life was so crazy and I knew if we went back, we’d relax. Best decision ever!

We took a road trip to Connecticut and Rhode Island last fall.

And we just got back from Jamaica with our friends! 🙂



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