Life Lately


Does anyone else feel like it’s total summer vacation time?

School around here is out and while I don’t have a summer break like I used to (boo), I totally feel like I’m ready to just kick back and relax in a pool.

Neither of which I can do, but hey, a girl can dream!

Instead, let’s talk about life lately.


I talk our friends’ kids out for their birthdays.  Instead of buying them something they may or may not like, we take them out to a lunch/dinner they get to pick and then to a store where they can decide on their present.

L picked Olive Garden and Barnes & Noble. Perfect because I love both of those places, too!

I was a little worried when we were at Olive Garden because she ordered the fettuccine alfredo with a side of mashed potatoes. I asked her if she wanted to have the grapes or broccoli instead and she said, no I’ll have the potatoes.

I apologized profusely for feeding their daughter a dinner of carbs. They laughed and said, well it’s her birthday, so I guess that’s okay. lol


So this is going to sound crazy, but we had to make a work delivery the other day and our stuff can’t be shipped via UPS/FedEx yet. Someday, but not yet.

Instead, I rented an SUV and drove it to our customer.

I’m not totally sure why I’m entrusted with these things. But I did have a good day to drive 3 hours.


After I dropped off the package (which sounds way more shady than it was in actuality), I found a salad place.


If there was a chopped salad place in my town, I would eat it every day.

When I lived in Long Island, there was a deli that did custom chopped salads and I ate there so often, the guys knew me by name and what I liked in my salad.

I was in salad heaven! haha

I had to take a conference call and just parked in this random mall parking lot. I listened to some accounting recommendations and watched a new casino be built.

But can I just say that the day was so gorgeous that I took a picture of the clouds and sky. It was like the perfect summer day. Beautiful.


Before I got back on the road for home, I realized that I was about 5 minutes away from one of my best friends, Kristin!

I met Kristin on my first day of high school. I was in a new school and knew only about 4 other people there. I had gone to a small elementary school (my 8th grade class had 26 kids and we had been together since kindergarten!) and my new high school class had 300 in it. So I was a little overwhelmed.

I walked into a business class and this friendly voice said, “Hi, I’m Kristin, do you want to sit with  me?” We’ve been friends ever since!

We’ve been through so much life together. We traveled with our high school business club to Denver, Orlando and Louisville. We went to summer camp together. We were together for our first speeding tickets. We banded together when we both had awful prom dates. We attended our first frat parties together. We’ve been there for each other through bad breakups. We’ve been one of the first people we told about getting engaged. We were in each other’s weddings. (Kristin actually broke her ankle and dislocated her knee at my wedding…we’ll discuss another day…)

We live about 3.5 hours away from each other and don’t get to hang out/talk as often as we used to or would like. But when we’re together, it’s like no time has passed.

It was awesome to get to hang out for an hour together before I had to get back on the road. Seeing her was good for the soul! 🙂


The Hubster has been working a *crazy* amount of hours and finally he got a break. He loves Lego, so we chilled out, watched House of Cards, and he built his forklift thing. 🙂


Speaking of House of Cards – it was a Friday Favorite last week, but as we get into the season more, I can’t get over how good it is.

Kevin Spacey is amazing.

I’ve said it before, but if you haven’t seen this series yet, you have to watch it. It’s really good.


Over the weekend we went to a Sportsman Bash where they auctioned off guns and ATVs. Here’s the conversation we had on the way in:

Me: I’m not sure – I used to think going to the fair every summer was the most redneck thing that I do, but this might beat it.

The Hubster: You *think* it might beat it? This definitely beats it. We’re going to a fairground where they are giving away guns. What do you think could beat this?


Have you ever done these pull tab things? They are $1 a piece and super addictive.

I won $1.

Wahoo. 🙂

We didn’t win anything else.



I consoled myself with some ice cream.

Because ice cream cones remind me of summer. And it totally feels like summer outside now! 🙂

So that’s life lately.

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