Stitch Fix #9


Today is Stitch Fix day! 🙂

Let me show you what I got this month.


This month I got 2 shirts, a dress, a pair of shorts, and a bracelet.

The first thing I tried on was the Loveappella Montay Lace Back Bishop Sleeve Knit Top in white. It is super cute and the lace detail on the back was a nice touch.

I paired the shirt with my Black Mid Rise Jean Leggings and it looked cute.

I didn’t keep this shirt because it felt like too close to a few other ones I already have in my closet.


This Kut from the Kloth Sinclaire Button Front Top looked super cute but when it was on me, I just didn’t feel it at all.  I think it just felt boxy.

Also, I might not be a floral person.

Next up is a pair of Liverpool Jada Linen Cargo Shorts.

I so wanted to like these so much. So much.

While they look cute in the pictures, I wasn’t feeling them when they were on me. I paired them with my Caslon Relaxed Slub U-Neck Tee (and while everything was a wrinkled mess) and still didn’t feel it.

I think it’s because they were kind of tight in the hips and legs. Maybe they were too small? I don’t know.

All the yeses to this Market & Spruce Kipp Jersey Dress. It’s a cute color – like a teal with navy details. It’s going to be in my summer rotation for sure.

I think I might even be able to wear it this spring with a cute cardigan over it.

A keeper for sure!


Finally we have a Bay to Baubles Sawyer Filigree Stretch Bracelet. It’s adorable and will be perfect on me all year!

So that’s my Stitch Fix this month. A few duds but the dress more than makes up for it!

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