Vacation! Days 4-5


Grab a warm drink and get cozy if you want to hear about the rest of our vacation! 🙂


We started Day 4 out with a trip to Clyde’s Cider Mill. I don’t know about you, but cider is a staple in my house during Fall.

I started the morning out right, with a cider slushie! If you’ve never had one, you are totally missing out. It’s apple cider but in slushie form (duh!) and it’s delightful. The Hubster wanted to share one but let’s get real, Friends. We don’t share the slushie goodness.

This cider mill was deemed to be a mechanical engineering landmark. And since I’m married to a mechanical engineer, The Hubster was thrilled to look at all the inner workings of the mill.

Me? I went back to the main building for another cider slushie and a second donut.

#supportivewife #vacationdiet


After the cider mill, we decided to drive around towards the water. We drove through Mystic, CT.

Mystic has a special place in our hearts because they do a lot of boat restorations of old ships. And when we lived on Long Island, we would spend time here in the summer seeing what boats they were restoring. We watched them take an old whaling ship, The Charles Morgan, from a rotted out heap to a really awesome restored wooden ship.


This year they have the Mayflower II, which is undergoing a 30 month restoration. We took a quick drive by and saw it in the water, but never stopped to go inside.


From Mystic, we headed to Stonington, CT. A few summers ago (maybe 2?) we stayed here and really enjoyed being on the water. It was a change of pace from Niantic, but just as adorable.

I mean, how relaxing is this view?


Then we hit up the Dog Watch Cafe because clearly all that sight seeing and driving around made us hungry!

While I have zero pictures, The Hubster had another bloody mary (two thumbs up) and I ate a salad and asked if we could have ice cream for dinner. #alwaysthinkingahead



Because this is vacation and we had zero plans, we stopped at a vineyard on the way back to Mystic.

Saltwater Farm Vineyard is really cool. It was built at an old WWII airport, with the vineyard being on the runway and the hangar being the tasting room. Since it was a Wednesday and basically empty, we wandered around.

The upstairs also doubles as a bridal suite with this pretty cool view of the property.


It was a gorgeous day outside, so we decided to walk through the vineyards and watch the sunset at this little lake they have in the back.



I love vacation. 🙂


When it got too cold to be outside (because I thought that I didn’t need a jacket. I did.), we got warm by their inside fire.


Can you imagine getting married and having your reception in here? So romantic!


This is how we ended the evening – watching Netflix while I worked on a cross-stitch and The Hubster did his legos.

Don’t be hating because we lead such an exciting life.


On day 5 we again, surprise, had zero plans but ended back up at the Mystic Seaport. haha Although this time we paid the admission fee and just went in.

During the offseason, it was like a ghost town. We pretty much had the place to ourselves.


You know who made a beeline for the large buildings where they restore the ships.


And I pretty much took selfies with all the boats. 😛


Here we are in front of the Mayflower II!

This wooden ship was really cool – it was a Scandinavian rowing ship and and only recently docked in the US. It’s beautiful and was so well made.

Which I suppose it would have to be to make it across the Atlantic. lol


And then we got hungry. So we ate at Ford’s.

They have this meal there called the Lobster Bomb. It’s a bread bowl, filled with lobster, and topped with lobster bisque.


And I’m not a giant lobster person.

But this was uh-mazing.


Then I ate an ice cream cone.

And I requested that we go back to the room and lay down. Because…what the heck was I thinking eating all that food?

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