Vacation! Days 6-8


It’s the last few days of our vacation! Sad.

Come on in and see how we finished up our fun trip!


When I first met The Hubster, he told me that his idea of a perfect vacation included a tent and hiking for a week. I almost fell off my chair. The idea of using nature as your bathroom does not say “vacation” to me.

You do a lot of compromising in married life. One of the ones I made is that we don’t always have to go to tropical locations (see me in Connecticut and Rhode Island and in Alaska next year). The Hubster compromises and settles for hikes during trips and indoor plumbing. <hallelujah>.

This trip, though, the town we stayed in has a 3 mile long trail along the water, which includes a newly refurbished boardwalk! Our last full day in Niantic had gorgeous weather, so we headed over for a walk. Bonus – it was on the beach!


The boardwalk was recently refurbished and it turned out awesome. There are these benches along the whole thing and you can just look at the Long Island Sound and relax. As the afternoon went on, there were more and more people just hanging out. It was a really fun afternoon.


I turned into the most vain person ever in an attempt to get our Christmas card picture. One person in my party of two who shall not be named, refused the aid of my selfie stick, so we were limited in our picture taking abilities.


I gave up on the couples pic and just walked on the beach.

It was around this time that I realized I needed to switch to my winter makeup because my face looked orange. Oy.


After our walk around, we decided to head back to Mystic and we found that they had taken the Mayflower II out of the water for the winter and to start working on her.

It’s really amazing to see how much of the boat is under water. I mean, it looked like a big boat in the water, but here she looks huge!


Of course, we ended up in a marine consignment shop because you never know what you might find.

I found nothing. Me. The expert shopper found nothing. hahahaha

We stopped in a little restaurant for a treat. I indulged in a delicious bourbon drink and The Hubster was in heaven with 12 oysters.


And just like that, our vacation was coming to an end and we were heading back. A highlight for sure is taking the New London-Orient Point Ferry.

On our way back home, we took a detour through Long Island. Clearly it was to visit a friend and eat some more good treats!


One Saturday a few years ago, The Hubster and I took a drive around Long Island and found Sweetie Pies. They are just the cutest coffee shop. Their peppermint hot chocolate is delicious and they have these amazing quiches. So we took a quick stop in for both!

They used to have this really cute pillow for sale that I wanted so badly. Unfortunately it cost $300. For a pillow. Under no certain terms could I ever justify buying that pillow.

It was gone! It had been there for like 4 years. Someone bought it! I hope they love it and that it makes them very happy. It would have looked adorable in my living room.

I kid you not, we drove for about an hour and stopped at our favorite deli to pick up food.

#weloveeating #vacationdiet

Hinck’s is one of those places that is a total whole in the wall, but once you eat there, you want it every single day.

I got a couple sandwiches for the road and we brought one of them back for our friend, Matt. Matt’s the guy who found this deli to begin with. 🙂

No trip through NYC would be complete without endless amounts of traffic at the bridges. haha

And just like that, plus six hours, we were home.

I love vacation. But I love sleeping in my own bed too. hehe


Ahh..back to normal. Going out for brunch and taking selfies while someone (ahem!) looks at his phone.


Spending the afternoon at Lowe’s.


Reuniting with some Christmas besties.


Cheerleading The Hubster on while he decorates.


And finally, taking some time together to relax and enjoy our last night before heading back to work.

Thanks for letting me share our fun vacation! 🙂


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