Vacation! Days 1-3


We just got back from a week-long adventure. It was seriously the best.

I took a ton of pictures (many times to The Hubster’s dismay) just so you could see how much fun we had! 🙂

We left on Sunday around lunch time and headed right for our favorite bed and breakfast – Inn at Harbor Hill Marina. I really can’t say enough about this place.

The Hubster found it 5 years ago and we spent our first anniversary there. The innkeepers had just opened up a second house and we totally fell in love with it. The rooms have huge soaker tubs and really great views of the water.

The beds were also the most amazing beds we had ever laid ourselves on.

This coming from the girl who loves, loves, the heavenly bed at Westins.

We have come back to this Inn many many times. And we will continue to visit in the future, too!


Of course, no trip would be complete without arguing with the traffic of NYC.

At least we had good tunes!


Plus, once we got there, The Hubster had some oysters (his favorite) and was a happy guy.

I had a salad that was amazing.

And because we were on vacation, all was right with the world. 😉


Waking up to this view is pretty great. Especially when you have no plans for a week!


Since we slept in and missed breakfast, we headed to Newport, RI and immediately sought out lunch.

We ate at Brick Alley Pub and it didn’t disappoint! I had a really tasty sangria and The Hubster continued to test out bloody mary’s.

I ate some french onion soup and lobster mac and cheese. You guys, I probably ate an entire lobster smothered in cheese. It was heaven. And really only the beginning of the week of eating.


After lunch, we did some exploring. Since we love the water, we headed straight for it.

We live for views like this. It was kind of windy and cold (see pics below) but we still walked along the water for a few minutes.

I think being by the ocean and the beach is good for my soul.


This is one way to get volume in my hair!



That person way out there is The Hubster. I didn’t expect we would be walking on rocks, so I did not dress appropriately. These boots are adorable, but not so much for the walking on slippery rocks.

It’s okay. I took some pictures and enjoyed looking at the water.


We did a little bit of driving around after we got too cold. Now, I had heard that Taylor Swift lives in this neighborhood. So I did what anyone else would do. I googled “Taylor Swift Newport House.”

Clearly nothing good came up and I didn’t get a selfie in front of her house. I did google it one more time, but thought I should stop before I get investigated for stalking. LOL


We found that Newport has a Cliff Walk where you can walk around and see the water and some of the homes along the shore.

I decided if this one ever came up for sale, we should buy it. Only I was on board with this idea.

I wonder why. hahaha


It was a beautiful sunset. We quite enjoyed this walk.

We probably could have gone a little farther had I worn the appropriate footwear. Sorry Hubster…next time!


After the walk, we found a brewery/rum distillery. It was close to the end of their day and they didn’t have anymore tastings, but we did get to see their still and buy some fun stuff for home.

We ended the evening by having dinner with a friend who lives in the area. It was so great to see her and catch up.


It rained on Tuesday, so we headed to the mall to do a little shopping.

One of us totally freaked out and got super excited about the Lego store. We entered under the guise that we were Christmas shopping, but I’m no dummy.


The Hubster was so so happy to have this Lego kit.

He built this all week and was so happy to have a fun thing to do every night. 🙂


We ended our shopping trip at DSW and I just about died and went to heaven.

I didn’t want to take advantage so I only bought a pair of booties. I’m sure they’ll make their debut next week.

Yes. I said that I only bought 1 pair of shoes at DSW.

Hey. There’s always a first for everything!


We ended the night just hanging out at a fun local place, Lillian’s, for dinner.

The first few days were so fun and relaxing. I love spending time with this guy.

A few notes: this was just days 1-3. I’ll share the rest of the trip! I might have taken a million selfies. It was totally just to show you all how much fun we had. 😉

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