Nordstrom Fall Sale


Yay! It’s the Nordstrom fall sale and I found tons of good stuff! Come on in and check it out!


This Olivia Moon Tie Sleeve Knit Blazer is totally in my cart right now. I bought the  regular blazer and it’s super comfy. This one will totally brighten up any outfit.


I don’t need a utility jacket, but if I did, this is the one I would have gotten. I’m loving the little bit of fringe on the zipper.


I’m kind of loving this winter coat too. I mean I don’t need another winter coat, but I don’t think I have anything like this one.

It’s in my save for later bag. 🙂


I didn’t think I was a camo person but these jeans are adorable and I kind of want them.


I think work is throwing a Christmas party and I decided that this dress needed to be a contender.


I think I need to get The Hubster to plan a fun warm weather vacation so I can wear this dress to an island.

This dress is so adorable.


I have a sleeveless version of this shirt from the Anniversary sale and it is super comfy. So I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this shirt is probably very comfy too!


How adorable is this workout tank? It’s a little more that I would usually pay for a workout top, but I can see myself wearing this under a cardigan and that would be fun.


I mean.

Yes. Please.

Give me all the pink shoes.


These shoes are adorable.

Quick – someone invite me to a fun party so I can wear them!


These booties would be perfect  for a Christmas party, don’t you think?


I bought these shorts for summer and I love them!

They run a little bit so I recommend sizing down.


Doesn’t this dress scream Christmas?


If you need a good winter coat, this one should be your go to! I have one and it’s so crazy warm and I only break it out when the temperatures are below zero. Any other time, I sweat to death.


How gorgeous is this dress? It would look weird on me because I’m so short, but I know in my dreams I’m 5’5″ and look awesome in this. 🙂

Phew – I only got to page 80, but I think there’s a bunch of good stuff to choose from!

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