Sandal Problems

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Friends, I have a sandal problem.

Only 1…not 99 😉

And I need your help!


I bought these White Mountain sandals because they were under $20 when on sale.

I didn’t really want to spend a lot of money on Birkenstocks.

I’m having this problem when I wear my sandals and I want to see if it’s just me.

They make these weird noises when I walk and I am constantly having to tell The Hubster that I’m not tooting and that it’s my shoes.

[face palm]

He finds it hilarious and asks if I need to use the bathroom or have some air fresheners.

Is this because I got the less expensive brand?

Or is this just something that happens with these sandals?!?!

Please tell me I’m not a weirdo!!!


2 thoughts on “Sandal Problems

  1. OMG….. I have some White Mountain sandals and they do the same exact thing !! I am always super aware of it when I am walking down the halls at work. I remember reading some reviews of these sandals somewhere and other people were also commenting on it as well. Funny !
    Love your blog by the way.


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