New Kicks!


I found these amazing (amazing!) new sneakers and I totally had to share them with you guys!

Last week, a friend said she wanted a new pair of booties and was heading to DSW and was I interested in going too.


Now I don’t know about you guys, but I have a very specific way I need to walk around DSW.


I walk up and down each aisle very carefully so I can look at the all the shoes. Even the grandma shoes I won’t wear for another 20 years. (hopefully more). I really don’t want to miss anything.


And then I found these.

Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Xpression Sneaker

You guys! It’s like you’re walking on a cloud.

They are so incredibly comfortable that I knew as soon as I put them on I was taking them home.

I also considered wearing them for the rest of the shopping trip, but I think that behavior is frowned upon.

I raved about them so much that my friend considered buying them too. Only they didn’t have them in her size.

Insert all the sad feelings.


They are so cute and I can’t wait to wear them out and about.

Maybe even to the gym? But let’s not go crazy yet.


But wait…then these adorable things came into my vision.

Adidas NEO Courtset Sneakers

They aren’t as cloudy as the first pair, but they are pretty close. Plus, while you can’t really see it, they’re navy.

I wear a lot of navy. And they would look adorable with jeans.

This could be a match made in sneaker heaven.

Do I *need* 2 pairs of sneakers? No. Of course I don’t.

Did I buy 2 pairs of sneakers? Yes. Of course I did.

When I got home, The Hubster gave me a look.

(We’re trying to get on a *cough* budget *cough* and these 2 pairs of sneakers weren’t exactly in the framework of trying to save and not buy unnecessary things.)

I simply explained that these were necessary to my closet.

He did feel the cloud parts of the first pair and I could tell he was jealous that I didn’t get him a pair. I totally would have if I had known they would be such a hit!

If you see me out and about, I’ll be wearing these sneakers. 🙂

Disclaimer – this post was not sponsored by DSW or adidas and solely my opinion.

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