Florida – Part 3


We spent our last day in Florida at the Kennedy Space Center and let me tell you – it did not disappoint!


Quick recap – The Hubster loves loves NASA, the space program and watches all the documentaries that are available.

For my birthday when we were in Houston last year, we went to the Johnson Space Center and did all the things NASA related.

So I guess we spend birthdays with space shuttles now.


It was really cool to see the Atlantis.

I was super happy to finally see a shuttle that was in outer space.

(I’ve been tricked by the same one twice.)


The Hubster was in his element.

We didn’t have a ton of time to spend there because we had to get on our flight home, so I’m sure we’ll be heading back there again.

So there was this super nice lady that convinced us to try out and buy their new super selfie thing.

Being the sucker I am, I bought it.

It’s not a picture (which I thought I was getting).

It’s a video.

So here’s our super selfie.



You guys – this is what I thought we were getting.


Then it was time to go home. 😦

What a difference a flight makes!!!

It was so cold when we got home!

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