Florida – Part 2


Today I’m talking all about our trip to Universal Studios and The Hubster’s amazing birthday dinner.


When The Hubster told me he wanted to go to Universal, I pretty much just made sure that the Jimmy Fallon ride was still there and said yes.



Inside the Jimmy Fallon ride there are little memorials to the old hosts of the Tonight Show.

My mom loves Jay Leno, so we took this picture for her!


Enjoying a birthday trip for The Hubster!


We actually had a really fun time on The Simpsons ride.

I don’t think I’ve watched an episode of The Simpsons since grade school, but the ride was hilarious.


The ET ride was adorable.

And a super 80s throwback.


I never give up an opportunity to take a picture with Hello Kitty!


We saw a cute animal show.

The dogs were amazing!


We had trouble finding Harry Potter World (we’re muggles) but once we figured it out, it was so much fun!


We shared a butterbeer!

This was really fun to see too!


I have no idea why but I didn’t take more pictures.

We ended our Universal day with the light show.

That was fun!

I liked how they projected some of the movies on the water too.


Then it was time for the main event of the weekend (for me at least…hehe)…Morimoto’s!!

We ate at this restaurant a year ago and it was so amazing that we knew we had to come back.


Yep…I didn’t fall for his trick. hehe


This buri bop bowl came with fried rice and we also tried to each get the last drop of rice. 🙂


It was a great dinner the perfect way to celebrate The Hubster! 🙂

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