What’s Up Wednesday


It’s the end of February, so you know that means it’s time to link up with Mix & Match MamaSheaffer Told Me To, and The Larson Lingo to talk about What’s Up Wednesday!

[what we’re eating this week]


I made a super delicious Blue Apron this week.  Greek Chicken with Orzo Pasta and Roasted Brussel Sprouts.

It was a hit at my house!

[what i’m reminiscing about]


Who else wore these sandals in high school?

You guys – they are back.

No joke.

Available at Steve Madden for $39.97 to make your 90s dreams come true.

[what i’m loving]


The weather has finally turned here and it’s been sunny and warm the last week or so. It’s not been in the 70s this whole time, but it’s been super nice.

On Sunday, The Hubster and I cleaned out the garage fridge (not so much fun) but I wore shorts and a long sleeved shirt and I didn’t get cold until the sun started to go down.

[what we’ve been up to]


We had a really good weekend that involved lots of eating! haha

[what i’m dreading]


Nothing really – life is good right now!

[what i’m working on]


I bought a fun letter board like this one so I could leave The Hubster funny notes.

Well all the letters came on these plastic sheets and I spent an hour twisting off letters on one sheet because my scissors didn’t really work.

And then The Hubster came home, got out a pair of snips, and got half the letters off of the sheet in under a minute.

He’s a genius. But don’t tell him that.

[what i’m excited about]


I’m excited about our March trip because I think it’s going to be a road trip. Should be fun to explore!

[what i’m watching/reading]


This is the 3rd book from Jojo Moyes in a series and I’m really looking forward to reading this book.

Also see my book club post to see what else I’ve been reading!


Now that the Olympics are over, I’m back to my regularly scheduled show and oh my gosh – When Calls The Heart is back!

I love this show so so so much.

I’ll be in my Friday Favorites for sure! 🙂

[what i’m listening to]


I’ve been really into 90s music lately.

My satellite radio has been tuned to 90s on 9.

I’m happy to report that I can still Regulate like I did in high school. 🙂

[what i’m wearing]


Tank: Downtown Cami | Express
Similar Cardigan: Halogen Linen Cardigan | Nordstrom
Jeans: Black MidRise Stretch Jeggings | Express
Similar Shoes: Tory Burch Chelsea Logo Wedge | Nordstrom
Similar Necklace: Kendra Scott Rayne Stone Tassel Pendant | Nordstrom

True confession:  I bought my actual necklace at Target and was delighted to find out that it looks similar to a designer one. 🙂

The rest of my outfit I grabbed from my closet. I realized I hadn’t worn this cardigan in forever and thought it was time for it to come out and play.

You can see what else I’ve been wearing here and here.

[what i’m doing this weekend]


The Hubster is going to a Wild Game Dinner and I’m leaning towards not going.

I’m afraid that if we get there, I’m going to not want to eat pheasant and snake, and end up gagging or asking if we can stop at McDonalds. That just ruins everyone’s fun.

I’ll probably end up binging on some shows. 🙂

[what i’m looking forward to next month]


It’s almost time for March Madness!

One of these days I’ll have to explain how I came to love sports so much, but March is one of the best times to watch college basketball!

We got invited to a March Madness party and I’m really excited about it.

[what else is new]


I’m going to see Justin Timberlake!! 🙂

I saw his 20/20 tour at Madison Square Garden and he was unbelievable. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

Can’t wait to see him again!

[what’s your favorite spring break destination]


Obviously my favorite vacation place in all of the world is Maui.

Last year I did a post on my favorite spring breaks/vacations.


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