Weekend Shenanigans


Did you guys have a good weekend?  We did!

While not that much happened, I did manage to take a few pics, so some come on in!

Let’s start by saying that mostly last weekend, we ate. 🙂


Fridays in Lent are tough because we don’t eat meat. Sometimes it’s more challenging than others to find meat-less meals. We spiced up our lives and got cheese pizza with veggies.

Because that’s how we roll.

I didn’t feel that great on Friday so I basically ate some pizza and went to bed.

But I woke up on Saturday and felt so much better. I think I needed sleep.


Saturday found us laughing at this meme on Instagram. Mostly because we just met someone, recently, who really think the earth is flat. (I had no idea that many people really think the earth is flat. It’s mind blowing, really.)


We headed out to a late brunch Saturday and decided to eat at the counter. I love seeing the chefs do their thing. It makes me feel like I’m either watching Iron Chef in person or that I’ll get to be a better cook by in person observation.

Then we found out at the restaurant we were at has a cooking night where you get to learn how to make some of their dishes and we promptly signed up. Stay tuned for that fun evening out!

Seeing this bunch makes me want to go back right now. I had salmon hash without salmon (I know, I’m weird) and The Hubster had crabby eggs benedict.


I’m salivating at my desk right now. 🙂


Saturday afternoon had me getting reacquainted with the couch. I haven’t had a day where I just got to relax and chill out in a long time.

I think my couch missed me.


That night The Hubster made bolognese for dinner for us! It was so good!

(And don’t tell him I posed this picture because he might not so much like this pic of him in his pajamas. hahahah)

While he cooked us dinner, I was catching up on my back-log of Law & Order SVU shows.

Nothing says romantic Saturday evening like “in the criminal justice system…”


In case you were wondering, we moved from Law & Order SVU to the movie Dunkirk. Which is a WWII movie that basically had no talking and mostly just shooting and swimming.

I kid. Kind of.

It’s an amazing story. During WWII, the some British soldiers were trapped in France on the beach or an island (I zoned out in part of the movie), and regular people saved them on their boats, despite the Germans coming after them.

I agreed to watch it because The Hubster said Tom Hardy was in it and that in previous movies, I found him cute. (I have no recollection of saying these things or if I’ve ever seen a movie with Tom Hardy.)

Turns out, Tom Hardy (who played Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights) had a mask on and was flying a fighter jet the whole time. AND DID NOT SPEAK ONE SINGLE WORD THE ENTIRE MOVIE.

I felt cheated. hahah


In addition to a delicious dinner, The Hubster treated me to this amazing breakfast on Sunday! (I contributed the mimosas.)


The other day I went into our garage fridge and found that a pop had exploded all over the fridge and I was horrified that it looked like this.

Sunday afternoon, I cleaned out the fridge and found that it wasn’t just 1 can that exploded, it was 6.

Note to self: it freezes in the back of the fridge. Don’t put drinks back there.

But now our garage fridge looks super clean and hopefully we can keep it that way!


Sunday the weather was super nice so I wandered into our back yard and found this super adorable stream.

Except it’s not supposed to be back there and all the water is running into the rest of our yard.

The Hubster and our neighbor assured me that it’s fine, but yikes, let’s hope it doesn’t go into our basement again!

And just like that, the weekend was over.


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