What’s Up Wednesday


You guys – where the heck did June go? It’s already the middle of summer!

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[what we’re eating this week]


Lately we have been eating a lot of these salads. They are super easy to make and also a nice light dinner.

I chop up romaine lettuce and a shallot, throw in some parmesan cheese, toss with some Olive Garden dressing and sprinkle on some croutons. Super easy. We also add some grilled chicken.

One of our favorite summer dinners.

[what i’m reminiscing about]


Last summer we spent the day with The Hubster’s great aunt and great uncle at their lake. It was so much fun and I was super excited to catch a fish!

We’re heading back to see them on Saturday and I can’t wait. The Hubster’s whole family will be there for a reunion and it should be really fun.

[what i’m loving]


A long weekend is coming up! We have Monday and Tuesday off next week! Whoop!

[what we’ve been up to]


Last weekend we celebrated my mother-in-law’s retirement party with a pig roast. I’ll give you lots more detail and pics about the weekend tomorrow but it was such a fantastic party. We all had so much fun celebrating a very special lady.

And the food was uh-ma-zing.

[what i’m dreading]

Nothing really – life’s going along as normal these days.

[what i’m working on]


On Monday I showed you a fun 4th of July wreath I made. Hope you liked it!

[what i’m excited about]


Three weekends in a row I get to hang out with my sisters. We rarely get that chance, so I’m thrilled to be with them so much this summer!

[what i’m watching/reading]


I read Big Little Lies in my IRL book club and now I’m really wanting to see this series. Now that we’re in a holiday weekend, maybe I’ll sneak some time in to see it!

Check out the books I read this month in my book club post here.

I’m looking for some new inspiration I might have to go back to Barnes and Noble and wander around until something good comes up!

[what i’m listening to]


I’m weirdly not able to stop listening to Swalla. I feel like it’s super inappropriate but it’s a catchy summer tune for my car. haha

I also had to use the urban dictionary to see what it meant, which is how I determined that it’s inappropriate. lol


I also can’t stop listening to Ed Sheeran’s Castle on the Hill.

It’s super catchy.

And who doesn’t love Ed Sheeran?

[what i’m wearing]


Shirt: BP Twist Front Tee | Nordstrom
Similar Jeans: STS Boyfriend Jeans | Nordstrom
Necklace: Fashion Long Tassel Necklace | Target
Similar Sandals: Tory Burch Logo Sandals | Nordstrom

I think this is one of my go-to summer outfits. I love the twist front BP tee – I could wear this is all the colors.

And these sandals are my very first designer sandals. They’re DVF and I bought them on Amazon like 5 years ago and I love love love them. They’ve held up to walking around NYC on a regular basis and all the weather I could throw at them. I haven’t found any others like this online and they aren’t available anymore. But if you get a chance to wear some – I recommend it because they are really good.

I’ve been posting my outfits this month here and here.

[what i’m doing this weekend]


This lovely co-worker of mine is getting married in September so we’re celebrating her bridal shower this weekend. A bunch of us from work went into on a really awesome present for her, so I can’t wait until she gets to open it.

It should be a fun afternoon.

[what i’m looking forward to next month]


My parents decided to take a little vacation to my house in a few weeks.

They’re doing a staycation at my house. haha

There are a ton of day trips by our house, so they’re going to use our spare bedroom as a home base and go out to explore every day.

It should be really fun.

But now I’m going to have to make my bed every day…

[what else is new]


How amazing is this rainbow? My friend Cassie sent me this picture the other day when she was at work. I hope this means it’ll be a good week!

[bonus: what’s your favorite 4th of july tradition]

Since we moved into our house, we’ve had a 4th of July party (or day real close to). I love having friends and family over to hang out.

Last year we turned it into a karaoke party and I’m not sure what we’re doing this year. We’ll have to think of something fun.

I’m thinking water balloon fight.



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