Book Club


Yay! It’s book club day!

I love sharing all my books with you guys and hopefully you like them too! I really like seeing what everyone else is reading, too. Sometimes I need to try new stuff and you guys always have great suggestions.


Big Little Lies was actually my in real life book club selection and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. One of my friends told me how much she likes Liane Moriarty and I was thinking trying her books.

This one was so good. At points I thought I didn’t want to keep reading, but then I found myself wanting to keep going and figure out what happened next.

Now it’s an HBO series and I want to see it. I might have to somehow figure out how to rent the series on Amazon or Hulu or however you stream it.


Oh my gosh – this was so funny!

It’s a light-hearted read and made me laugh. I love the interactions between the book club members and without giving anything away, how they live their lives.

I recommend this as a fun summer read.

I had heard about the Savages a few years ago when there was a mix up at a fertility clinic and the wrong embryo was implanted into a woman. She ended up carrying the baby and giving him over to his parents after she gave birth.

It was a crazy story and their book was so moving. I was touched by their faith and desire to have a family. I can’t even imagine their devastation at the mix up.

So naturally I had to read the other family’s book too.


The grace of both of these families is amazing and I’m glad that life has worked out for them. They totally and completely deserve it.

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