Show & Tell Tuesday


It’s another edition of Show & Tell Tuesday with momfessionals and today we’re giving a home tour!

Just a warning – I think my house in it’s not Christmas state is very boring.

I have decorations, but they aren’t nearly as fun as my Christmas ones.

So you might want to exit now. 🙂 You were warned!


My kitchen – I think I spend lot of time in here.


These stars are actually napkin holders but I think they look better on the window sill. And I love that the S & P shakers are us – Sarah & Paul. Except I’m pepper and The Hubster is salt. hahaha

Also pictured is a Scrub Daddy. This is the most amazing sponge/scrubber I’ve ever used and I am a lifer now. It gets almost everything off and is non-stick. Try it out. You’ll love it!

IMG_9350 (002)

My new centerpiece is a few star dishes and this adorable flower thing I found at Kohl’s.


I decorated the living room mantle. I think I need to get something else up there.

This room is super bland. I need some inspiration. Or an interior designer.


The dining room and a room we don’t know what to call.

Clearly you can see it’s where my winter blankets chill during the summer.


The Hubster’s work area. I’m so happy we made this office nook. It’s so cute!

Also included is a random giraffe picture that I’m not sure where we’re going to hang up.

See…desperate for an interior designer.

Maybe I’ll put it in the laundry room.


Finally – our room. The Hubster will kill me when he finds this picture but he was comfy and wasn’t moving.

See – our house in the summer is boring.


Can’t wait to see/hear about your decorating tips!


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