What I Wore


You guys – this is my life truth.

But now that I have these cute clothes, come on in and see what I have!


Similar Shirt: Relaxed Graphic Curved Hem Tee | Old Navy
Similar Jeans: Skinny Ankle Jeans | Gap
Shoes: BOBS by Sketchers | Amazon

I’m bummed this shirt isn’t available from Old Navy any more – I just bought it! But it’s super cute and you know I would move to Hawaii in a heartbeat if I could.

Also the orange in the aloha matches the jeans in person, I’m not sure why they look pink in this pic.

But the outfit turned out cute.


Shirt: Twist Front Tee | Nordstrom
Jeans: AEO Denim X Super Low Jegging | American Eagle
Similar Shoes: Classic Toms | Toms
Similar Necklace: Sienna Squash Blossom Necklace | Accessory Concierge

I’m a huge fan of the twist front tees. There’s something really fun about them.

And the necklace just makes the outfit a tiny bit more fun.


Similar Shirt: Pineapple Solo Tee | Ily
Shorts: BLANKNY Boyfriend Denim Short | Nordstrom
Sneakers: Converse Shoreline | Nordstrom
Hat: Magnolia Hat

This is one of my go to shopping outfits. It’s super comfy and it doesn’t matter if your hair looks bad!

If you don’t have a pair of these sneakers, I highly recommend them. They are adorable and comfy. I don’t mind walking around in them because they don’t make your feet sweat or pinch your toes.


Dress: Polka Dot Cold Shoulder | Target
Shoes: Sam Edelman Yaro Sandals | Amazon
Clutch: Beaded Clutch | The Green Shelf Boutique

Okay – worst hotel mirror ever. The lighting was awful and it was right in front of the toilet. Yuck.

In any case, I wore this outfit last weekend and I totally loved it. It was the perfect amount of dressy and casual.

Plus, I’m convinced the shoes made the whole outfit! They were so comfy and I was able to stand and walk for about 5 hours straight before my feet started hurting!

I’m not the pink shoe girl for nothing! 😉

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