What I Wore Wednesday


Today’s edition of What I Wore Wednesday is vacation style! I thought I would put everything I wore while on vacation together for you! đŸ™‚

I don’t know about you guys – but I packed a super giant suitcase. Prayed that it would be under 50 lbs and it was 47.5!!

I also wore about 20% of what I brought and thew out some stuff before I got on the plane home so I would remain under 50 lbs of suitcase.

Here’s about 10% of what I wore.  The remaining pieces were bathing suits and well…I already posted one from far away and I don’t think the whole world wants to see me in a bathing suit.


Similar Shirt: Pam & Gela Split V Neck Tee | Nordstrom
Similar Capris: Artist Crop Jean | American Eagle
Belt: AEO Perforated Leather Belt | American Eagle
Sneakers: Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker | Nordstrom

This is my travel to vacation outfit. It was warm when we left, but not warm enough to warrant shorts. Plus, I get cold on planes.


Shirt: BP Twist Front Tee | Nordstrom
Shorts: Denim Roll Shorts | Loft
Sneakers: Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker | Nordstrom

I realized after I had this outfit on that this is pretty much what I wore the previous travel day but in shorts. haha

Oh well. It worked for our hour flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Montego Bay.

Plus I was ready for the beach when I got there. Kind of.

One thing to note about my sneakers. I love them. They are generally comfortable. They did start to hurt my feet after we walked through the airport. So I wore socks on the way home.


Dress: Leith Racerback Shift Dress | Nordstrom
Similar Shoes: Vincent Camuto Frenchie 2 | Amazon

I couldn’t love this dress more.

It’s super comfortable. It’s lightweight so you don’t feel like you’re carrying around 10 tons of material. And it’s dressy if you wear nice shoes and casual if you wear wedges.

I am totally thinking of getting it in the other colors for this summer.


Dress: Strappy Back Lace Dress | Hollister
Similar Sandals: Steve Madden Prestine Wedge | Amazon

This dress was such a stretch for me. It’s strappy in the back and I have some scarring issues on my back from my allergies. So I generally cover myself up in the mid to lower back. Additionally, due to the low back, you couldn’t really wear a bra.

All kind of madness happening.

I was afraid that I would feel uncomfortable and that something would fall out if I leaned over. haha

Despite that, I did love this dress. I’m so glad I got it. I’ll definitely be wearing it this summer.

Looking at this picture, it doesn’t look like I’m in danger of having a wardrobe malfunction. Phew! But you can see that I forgot to put sunscreen on my left armpit. hahahahaha


Shirt: Free People Show Me Some Shoulder Off The Shoulder Cotton Blouse | Nordstrom
Capris: Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution Stretch Twill Skinny Pants | Nordstrom
Shoes: Harriet Wide Width Lace Up Heeled Quarter Strap Sandals | Target

I desperately loved how this shirt looked on the model. Not so much on me.

While I wasn’t tugging on the sleeves to stay down, I just don’t know if this shirt is “me”. Since it’s mine, I’ll wear it this summer.

The pants were super comfy too!

And the sandals are from Target and are amazing. I don’t recommend them when you’re feet are a little sunburnt. Ouch!


Coverup: Yonala Women’s Stripe Chiffon Beachwear | Amazon

So happy I bought this coverup. It was comfy and adorable.

Plus, it wasn’t weird looking when it got wet.


Dress: Lou & Grey Signature Soft Dress | Loft
Similar Hoodie: Logo Graphic Hoodie | Hollister
Sneakers: Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker | Nordstrom

My travel home outfit! It’s like a hug while you’re traveling.

This was my travel outfit for a few reasons. #1 – I got random sunburn on the last day on my upper thighs by my bikini line. So any kind of pants that would rub while I was sitting down was just not happening. #2 – this dress is so cute!

Seriously. If you’re wondering about this dress…go get it. It’s crazy comfy. It’s kind of clingy, so you can see your panty lines, but if you don’t care (and I didn’t), then go for it!

The rest of the time I wore bathing suits. Seriously.

I shouldn’t have packed all the stuff I did. (Why did I think I needed a pair of jeans? Or 4 pairs of workout shorts…who was I kidding?) But hey – you live and learn. đŸ™‚

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