Friday Favorites


Finally – it’s Friday!

This week has been crazy busy and the weekend will be just as much, but at least I’m not sitting at my work desk!

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorites from this week!


Last Friday was my birthday and I had such a great weekend!  My co-workers spoiled me with a fun card and ice cream treats for a snack.


The Hubster’s grandparents sent me this sweet bundle of flowers that have brightened my desk all week.

It really feels like spring in my office now!


I went out for some drinks with my assistant after work.  She’s so fun to work with every day.

I capped off my birthday with some pizza, a fun cupcake from Sassy Mama, and some more ice cream!!


Saturday night The Hubster took me out for dinner and we met some friends there. The food was so good (a perfectly cooked filet and raspberry creme brulee for dessert). I got to wear a cute dress, that I have zero pictures of :(, and enjoy dinner with some of my favorite peeps.

I think that 35 is going to be fantastic! 🙂



The Hubster got me this super funny game for my birthday.

When my in-laws visited us on Sunday night, they wanted to try it out.

Now, my in-laws are the sweetest people in the world. But they aren’t !@#$ happens game kind of people.

Let me just say…I cringed every single time a card was drawn. The game is hilarious and I highly recommend it. I don’t recommend playing with your in-laws. hahaha



Tuesday was National Siblings Day.

We have all come into each other’s lives in such different ways, but I am so blessed by each of them.

I do have to shoutout to the guy at the top, my OG, Dan. He’s been with me from pretty much my entire life and he’s pretty great.



These Hinge Cora Blocked Heel Sandals just arrived at my house and I AM IN LOVE.

They’re the perfect color to go with anything – navy, black, white, jeans, pink, you name it.

They are comfy.

They’re on sale and only $59.90, so rush over to Nordstrom and pick up a pair!


On Wednesday, I blogged about all the outfits I wore on vacation. One of my favorites being this Loft Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Tee Dress. (It’s on sale right now too!!!)

The Hubster and I got new phones last weekend and I wanted to run into Loft to see if there was anything I couldn’t live without.

He turned to me as I was saying this and said, “isn’t that the plus sized store? Why would you shop in there?”

He’s so funny. And has lots to learn about shopping.

Hope you all have a blessed Easter! See you on Monday!

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