Show and Tell Tuesday


Today’s Show and Tell Tuesday is going to be funny – we’re talking with momfessionals about prom!


Let’s picture it, shall we?

It was 2000. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about a prom date. I was lamenting this fact to my math partner (remember when you used to sit in pairs in class?).

I had met this guy at summer camp, Bryan, and wanted to see if he would go with me. But I didn’t really have the nerve to ask him.

My math partner called me up one night and asked me to go out with him and to go to prom with him. I said yes.

We went to the movies one time, I think. He hung out at my locker in between classes. It seemed to be innocently going well.

Math Partner played in a band and one Friday night his band played in a Battle of the Bands at our high school. Math Partner’s ex girlfriend lost her mind and yelled at me in front of a gym full of people. I got nervous and walked away. She got madder.

Math Partner and I kept hanging out. Note – there was little to no physical interaction. When I say no physical interaction, I mean when you saw us sitting together in math class, we barely talked or interacted with each other. There was no hand holding or anything else of the like when walking down the hallways.

ie: if you didn’t know we were “dating” you would think we were 2 people walking down the hallway.

Perfect for a lasting relationship, huh?

To sum it up – he “broke” up with me via email. His reason was that he met someone else at Media Play (who remembers that store?!?).

I wasn’t devastated.


I ended up going with a friend, Josh, who I also met at summer camp. I think that was the last time I talked to him. Whoops.

I did have a fantastic time with my friends!


My high school friends were awesome. We had so much fun.

Josh is to the left of me in this picture. It might be the only picture we have together. ha!


We graduated from high school about 2 days after this prom.

Babies – we were all babies!


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