Tuesday Talk


It’s another edition of Tuesday Talk with A Little Bit of Everything and Fancy Ashley!

Do you want to hear about the crazy that’s running through my brain this week? 🙂


  • I posted about this before but The Hubster’s obsession with Virgin Bloody Marys are both hilarious and driving me insane. There’s no room on the “good” shelf for anything else.
  • Do you guys have a “good shelf” in the fridge? The one you just gravitate towards putting all your stuff on? No? It’s just me and my craziness!


  • I realized the other day that I wash and dry myself in the exact same way every day. Same goes for brushing my teeth. I start with my left upper arm and continue on from there. Or brush my front 4 teeth first. If I start somewhere else or if I get distracted, I have to restart. I know it’s weird. But it might be the most routine thing I do every day! haha


  • I would love to have a bookshelf that looks like this. But I cannot deal with my bookshelves not being alphabetized. I usually do it by title, but I can’t handle just shoving books in helter skelter. Clearly I have a problem.


  • I love this picture. We all struggle with something and this is just a fantastic reminder.


  • One of my favorite people in the world, my Grandpa, is having surgery today. He’s 93 and any surgery at his age is a risk. I made a quick trip in so I could be with him today because you never know. He’s incredibly healthy and you would never know that he’s that old. Most people assume he’s in his late 70s!The doctor thinks he’ll be okay but will have a pretty extensive recovery. So I’ll be praying for him all day today.


  • Is anyone else still scared of going into dark rooms? I was at work on Saturday and the hallway to the bathroom was dark, as was the bathroom and I felt like a monster was lurking by the wall. I’m 34 for goodness sake – how am I still afraid of the dark!

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