Let’s Look Wednesday

Today’s the first link-up of 2020 and it’s Let’s Look Wednesday!

I’m linking up with Mix and Match Mama and A Little Bit of Everything to peek at some of the stuff in our lives!

This month, we’re talking about what’s on our bedside table.


Here’s my bedside table – let’s discuss how this was my first big purchase for my townhouse. It came with 2 dressers, a queen sleigh bed, and this night table.

I was a single gal and loved this set with all my heart.

It’s 14 years later and I’m not in love with this set the same. But that’s more for later.

Here are the things on my bedside table:

By My Side by Willow Tree – I love Willow Tree statues and I found this one after my brother-in-law got married. That year for Christmas, I gifted both of my sisters-in-law this statue and noted that it was of the 3 of us! A few years later, they gifted this to me on my birthday and it looks perfect on my nightstand.

L’Occitane Almond Skin Oil – I found this stuff a few years ago and spritz my skin real quick after I get out of the shower.

Water – because I swear I wake up in the night thirsty

Cottage Greenhouse Rosemary Mint Rescue Foot Cream – I know it says foot cream, but it works on all dry skin. Remember my Mean Girl moment?

Cottage Greenhouse Grapefruit and  Blood Orange Lotion – Look, when you have dry skin like mine, you just buy all the things that will help.

iPhone Charger Dock – I’ll be honest here. I bought this charger because I liked that it came in rose gold. No other reason.

Alarm Clock – The Hubster got this clock for me forever ago. He liked that it was a speaker (this was way before blue tooth was a regular thing) so we could listen to music when we were cleaning the apartment.

Lamp – I bought this lamp at an overstock store in Buffalo when I still lived at home with my parents and wanted a light for my desk. It might be like 20+ years old. It’s one of my favorite lamps.

Kindle – I like to read a little before bed.

Earplugs – when your husband is a loud snorer and you can’t take it anymore. haha

Hairbands – let’s face reality – those things are everywhere in my house. lol

Can’t wait to see what you guys do with your night table.

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