Christmas 2019 – Part 2


Today I’m going to talk about the rest of our Christmas celebrations.

In case you wondered, my New Year’s Eve outfit was quite fun. It’s always a good idea to wear pink and sparkly pants.


The Hubster and I headed to Buffalo to celebrate with my family and I apparently took zero pictures of the actual celebration together.

We decided to make one of the days a family game day and we all brought out our favorite snacks to share and played the Game of Life.

My brother ended up winning.

I think it was due to the fact that he won 2 $150,000 prizes right near the end.


We made my mom freak out when we played Circle of Life and The Hubster lifted up Ruby like in Lion King.

My dad, brother, and I thought it was hilarious.

My mom was all my babeeeeeee.

I’m fairly certain she never got that upset over us.



You guys, that’s my dad bowling there.

A year ago, he had broken his back and wasn’t able to pick up a bowling ball.

Now he’s back to bowling and got a turkey (3 strikes) while we were there.

Pretty amazing to see.

My dad’s the greatest guy.


We went out to dinner for New Year’s Eve with our friends and had an absolutely amazing pasta dinner.

We reminisced about our Jamaica trip and tried to figure out when we can get back to the warm beaches. And celebrated Kevin and Amber’s engagement!


Champagne drinks are always a good idea on New Year’s Eve!

Then it was midnight and 2020!

We headed back home on New Year’s Day with full hearts.

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