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This might be actual footage of me over the last few days of my Christmas vacation.

We got back home from our holiday celebrations on January 1 and pretty much went into vegetable mode.

My outfits consisted of pajamas. My mom laughed at me when I said that and I had to explain to her that I changed out of my sleeping pajamas into a fresh pair of daytime jammies.

Rinse and repeat.

My mother does not do that.

She is wondering where I came from and I’m wondering how it is that she can’t get into this amazing laziness.


The Hubster worked on some LEGO kits he got for Christmas and we watched movies. (More on that another day because we watched an insane amount of movies.)


What did I do, you ask?

I’m working on a Jim Shore Christmas Cross Stitch for my mother-in-law for next year.

It’s quite in-depth and I just started it, so I know it’s going to take the full year to do for her.

And that is pretty much what we did for 4 days.

No joke.


Here I am on what I have deemed the “couch bed” with some coffee, my favorite new jammies, and the softest blanket ever.

I didn’t go outside for 4 days.

By Sunday, The Hubster told me I needed to get some fresh air and stop being a hermit.

I was ready to get back in a routine and stop being so lazy.

It was really nice to just relax – we only let ourselves be this lazy once a year and we definitely took advantage of it!

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