Mean Girls (Movie) Moment


I’ve been having a Mean Girls moment and if you’re a fan of the movie and skin care, come in and see what I’m talking about.

A really long time ago, I talked about how my skin is so crazy sensitive and I can’t really put a lot on it except for Vaseline or products that I’ve really vetted the ingredients of. And I even asked for some help in my Tuesday Talk last month.


A couple of weeks ago, I went into this adorable little gift shop and they had these all-natural, paraben free products. The lady that owns the shop was telling me that the foot cream was so good and her feet feel so amazing and soft.

So I bought the foot cream with the full intention of using it on my dry skin.

Let me tell you – this Cottage Greenhouse Rescue Foot Creme is amazing.

I’ve been putting it on my legs at night after a bath or before bed and I wake up and my skin feels so much better. My feet get some too.


But every single time I put foot creme on my legs or arms, I cannot stop laughing about the fact that I might be Regina George. And the lady that sold me this creme is either Janice or Cady.


This post is in no way sponsored, but this foot cream is changing my (dry) skin life!

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