Christmas 2019 – Part 1


I don’t know about you, but we did Christmas hard core in our house.

We spent a week with some of our favorite people, ate a lot of really tasty food, and played a bunch of games from when we were kids.

Come on and see how we holiday-ed!


We decided to start our Christmas break by going to the mall. At first, I thought we were nuts, but it wasn’t as busy as I thought.

It was so cute to see all the kids getting in one last visit with the big guy.


The Hubster and I shopped alone and met up for dinner later and when I was wandering through Vineyard Vines, I stumbled upon Valentine’s Day gear.



The Hubster needed to get something at Best Buy and I was a little bit surprised to see that TVs are now bigger than me! lol


We headed to an ugly Christmas Sweater party and I made this super adorable snowman cheeseball.

You guys – it’s soo easy to make.

I used a cheeseball recipe, split it into 2 balls (make one smaller than the other), put into the fridge, and let harden for an hour.  Before assembly, roll cheeseballs in mozzarella cheese.

I used peppercorns and a piece of carrot for the face and pretzel sticks for the arms.


You wanna know something that stinks?

Showing up at an ugly Christmas sweater wearing the same one as your friend.



One of the days before Christmas, we thought we’d go out to brunch and how fun is it that Santa photobombed us! haha

More exciting than seeing Santa, I had an amazing bloody mary and the best waffles ever. Like so good that we were practically licking the plate and I was pushing The Hubster away from my food.


And just like that, it was Christmas Eve.

I’ve had these jammies forever and I can’t link them.

Turns out The Hubster doesn’t love the pattern so this will probably be the first and last time we wear these match ones.


Christmas morning at our house!


The Hubster makes me the most amazing breakfast every Christmas morning.

I have no other pictures from Christmas but we played around with our new presents and had some friends over for dinner.

We ate a crazy amount of food and went to bed with full and happy tummies.


The day after Christmas, we headed to my brother-in-law’s house and due to the presents we got them, I had to ride in the back seat.

We laughed about it mostly all the way there and I was pretty excited to ride in the front on the way home. hahah


My nephew got Battleship from Santa and we decided to play a round of it after all the kids went to bed.

I was not so good at this as a child playing against my brother. I’m not better now. lol


A super special gift all the girls got was matching bracelets.  My niece loves to wear bracelets when the rest of us do, so now she has one that matches ours. She loved it.

Friends, I’m from Buffalo.

It’s usually snowing at Christmas.

I’m not used to being able to wear a hoodie and go for a walk the day after Christmas!

It was so nice out that we had to stop and get iced lattes instead of regular lattes because we were sweating from the walk!


My favorite night of the year – fondue night!!

We tried a bunch of different exotic meats this year – wild boar, goat, and elk. I loved the elk but the wild boar tasted a little gamey.

I’ll be honest – I couldn’t try the goat because my brother-in-law thought it was funny to make goat noises at me as I was trying to put in on my plate. haha


We decided to take the kids and adults to a trampoline park.

This was both a fantastic idea and an awful idea.

It turned out that there were 6 adults jumping – all of us (!) and a whole bunch of kids. We all had a really great time and trampolining is a far greater workout than we had ever imagined.

It’s also very difficult to get yourself out of the foam pit. Very difficult.

I stopped jumping in there after 2 times because, well, I didn’t want to scar the other small children in there.


If I was upset about the Valentine’s Day stuff, I was horrified by the Easter candy I spotted on our way out of Virginia.

I mean…I hadn’t celebrated Christmas with my parents yet!

Phew – that was part one of Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2019 – Part 1

  1. Your Christmas day sounded lovely! Did you have one favorite gift that came for you under the Christmas tree?? Did you have to make any exchanges or returns? If so what were they and why? I always want to know what people were looking for this year and what was a hit and what was MISS!


    • My favorite gift was a Saranoni blanket from The Hubster. It’s sooo amazingly soft and I can’t stop wanting to be on the couch snuggled up with it! I think I’m going to end up returning some jammies I got – they’re a teensy bit too tight for my liking.

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