What I’m Watching


Let’s talk about my favorite Christmas movies today, okay?

Image result for home alone

I mean, Home Alone is a classic Christmas movie.

This movie was on the other night and I was folding laundry while watching it.

I admit completely, my back hurt watching the bad guys go through all of Kevin’s pranks. I’m not on #teambadguy because, I’d be hobbling for a week!

Image result for miracle on 34th street

I bought this movie on Amazon last year because I pretty much stream it all the time.

The Hubster can tolerate it once a year.

There’s nothing I don’t love about this movie.

Image result for elf movie

If I could get away with it, my food groups would be candy, candy canes, candy corn, and sugar.

I would probably just have zero teeth left.

So I live vicariously through Buddy. 🙂

Related image

I’m fairly confident that my entire family is afraid we are going to show up in our RV and turn into Cousin Eddie.

They don’t know that’s what we’re aspiring to do! hahaha

Christmas Vacation has so many good lines that we literally quote this movie all year long.

Image result for rudolph movie

Would it even be considered Christmas if I didn’t see Rudolph?

Image result for frosty the snowman

Or Frosty?

The original, not the one with the voice that is clearly not Frosty’s.

Image result for grinch cartoon

And the cartoon Grinch is just such a classic.

Related image

Last year, we watched The Christmas Chronicles and I thought it was really cute.

Image result for the santa clause trilogy

The Santa Clause is so adorable and I love that it’s pretty much the same people all the way through the entire trilogy.

Santa Clause 3 is my least favorite, but it’s still worth a watch.

Image result for muppet christmas carol

Muppet Christmas Carol makes me happy because it’s an old story with a funny twist.

And the music totally plays through my head all year!

Stay tuned because I’ll talk about my favorite Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movies too!

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