I’m linking up with Amanda to for her Confessions series.

Last month I talked about how I turn into a robot sometimes.

Well the other times, I cannot fix my face.



For a few years, I had to work at a trade show booth. When someone came up and asked those questions we all hate being asked over and over and over, it was all I could do to not roll my eyes.

(note: it was usually something like, “hey did you know you guys all match?” yes. I know we all have the same shirt on.)


No joke.

It’s bad.

I fixed part of the problem by wearing super dark mirror sunglasses so you can’t see my eyes, but I’m sure that my eyebrows are also a giveaway.

This last weekend I had to go to an event and someone there was just saying a bunch of nonsense.

I had to walk away because I was terrified that I would roll my eyes in their face.

And that’s not nice.

Or grownup.

So tell me, how do you guys do it? Or does everyone have “don’t roll your eyes, don’t roll your eyes, don’t roll your eyes” on repeat in their heads?

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