Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


It’s May! 🙂

And I’ll stop with the Justin Timberlake memes. 😉

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my favorites from this week!



A few years ago, I realized that if you pushed both of our foot stools together, you would get a large laying area on our couch.

I called it a couch-bed and it was super amazing for lounging around and watching tv. (And really, even better for naps.)

The Hubster got sick of the couch bed and said it was too lazy and dismantled it.

Obviously I could have put it back but I never did.

Until last weekend when my sister-in-law slept on the couch and we reassembled it.

It’s still together and there’s nothing better than relaxing on the couch bed at night watching a show.

I give it 2 weeks before The Hubster requests I take it down.



I just bought this dress for an event.

I am really really hoping it looks cute on me and not so long and unwearable.

It comes in the mail today so fingers crossed.



I was talking to a friend earlier this week and had to explain the difference between bitmoji, mime, and meme.

We laughed about it for awhile.



We had a really nice night this week.

I made myself a new drink – Hendricks and Squirt. It was super refreshing.

And sat on my back porch and just enjoyed it.

I highly recommend doing that. 🙂



On that note, I feel like we never had spring.

I went from wearing snow boots and gloves to now I’m contemplating turning the air condition on.

In May! In Pennsylvania!

This is nuts!

Have a great weekend!!

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