I’m linking up with Amanda to for her Confessions series.

My March confession: whenever I get any kind of major news, good or bad, I turn into a total robot.

Proposal Picture

This picture was taken moments after we got engaged.

I know it *appears* as though I’m super excited and happy, but in all reality, I was in a total fog and had no idea what was happening.

The Hubster asked me to marry him, I was shocked and asked if it was for real.

I then turned into a robot and when people asked if I was excited, for the remainder of the evening, in the most monotone voice ever, I said, “Yes. I’m really excited.”

I’m a weirdo.

I got really excited and danced around the next day when it had sunk in.

Another example.

I had a doctor’s appointment last week and during the initial exam, my blood pressure was low – 103/60 and I was pretty happy of how low it was.

I then got news that they found an irregularity.

What did I do then, you ask?

Instead of asking questions like most people do, I hopped off the table, said “thank you, have a great day” and walked out.

10 minutes later, the office called and said, “ummm, do you want to set a follow up with the doctor to discuss how to proceed?”

I kind of started to “get” it then and when I talked to The Hubster, he started getting upset and asking why I didn’t ask any questions.

I had no good reason.

Side note: I’m going to be fine and have some more tests done. Where someone else will accompany me in case I turn into a robot again.

The good news is that you could tell me I have some awful disease and you’ll need to amputate my arms and legs and I’ll smile and say thank you and walk away without fuss. 🙂

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