What I’m Wearing


It’s time for another peak into what I’ve been wearing lately.

Spoiler Alert: I have a lot of black and gray in my closet. hahah


Sweater: Gibson Tie Sleeve Cozy Fleece | Nordstrom
Jeans: AE Knit X Super Soft Jegging | American Eagle
Similar Booties: Halogen Anita Booties | Nordstrom

I am unsure why this picture is landscape instead of portrait, but it works!

I definitely recommend sizing down in this sweater. It runs big and this one is definitely big on me.

What can I say about these black jeans but they are really comfortable and you’ll love wearing them all day!


Shirt: Slim Fit Portofino | Express
Pants: Low Rise Barely Boot Columnist Pants | Express
Shoes: Zadlo Mules | Nine West

Yes, I just reversed this outfit from the one above.

I need to get a new color pattern going in my closet.

If you haven’t gotten the shirts from Express yet, you should get them because they are basically the best work shirt ever. 🙂


Shirt: Portofino Shirt | Express
Similar Pants: Bi-Stretch Skinny Ankle Pants | Gap
Shoes: Zadlo Mules | Nine West

This week’s What I Wore is clearly being brought to you by the colors black and white! haha

I highly recommend these Gap pants. They’re super comfy and look nice all day long.

And no, I did not wear this black top multiple days in the same week.

Because I totally just did a double take too.

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