Harpers Ferry


Our March trip was to Harpers Ferry, WV for a fun weekend of exploring.

But mostly this weekend was full of eating and drinking.

A lot of really delicious food.


Friday night we were ready for an adventure! We thought we were only 2 hours away, but it turned into 3.5. It worked out okay for me – I fell asleep an hour into the trip!

Our bed and breakfast had an amazing breakfast. Eggs benedict with spinach and ham that we topped off with bacon bloody marys.

So delish!

After breakfast, we headed over to Harpers Ferry.

If you’re not familiar with Harpers Ferry, it’s actually a key point in the start of the Civil War.


That tiny building behind me held more than 22 people and a whole arsenal of weapons.

Claustrophobia anyone? Yikes.

There was actually a lot more to see/do in Harpers Ferry.


We took a walk over this bridge to see what was on the other side of the river. I thought it would be a fun adventure.


I convinced The Hubster to take a selfie halfway through the walk.


Then I saw these awful stairs.

I hate,ย hate, these stairs. Where you can see all the way down.

And some of it was over water.

I feel like I’m going to fall through them constantly.

It’s irrational.


It was actually worth it to go down those stairs because…I found out I was on the Appalachian Trail!

For real.


This is legit part of the Appalachian Trail.


I entertained the fantasy of putting “hiking on the Appalachian Trail” on my bucket list until I realized that it’s 2,200 miles long and you have to bring your own tent, and go to the bathroom in a hole you dig on the side of the trail.

No thank you.

It’s off the list.


Happy to be this girl.

We found this fun candy shop that had candy from early 1600s through today. The people in the early 1600s ate these bugs. Gross.


But a latte break made me forget about the bugs.

The town of Harpers Ferry is super adorable. Part of it is considered a National Park and some of it is just a regular town. It was a booming town through much of the 1800s and then started to decline steadily after the Great Depression and a big flood in the 40s.

This rock (yes, rock) is called Jefferson Rock because in the late 1800s, Thomas Jefferson declared it one of the prettiest spots in the U.S.

I mean, it’s really nice, but I don’t know if I would go as far to say the prettiest. And I’m completely aware of the fact that the U.S. hadn’t yet completed the Louisiana Purchase, so there was a lot less of the country than there is now.

I mean, New England is gorgeous. And so is D.C.


We decided we’d had enough history for the day and headed to Charles Town to visit a local brewery.

Let’s discuss 2 things.

#1 – Charles Town is named after Charles Washington, brother of George Washington. I feel bad for Charles. Your brother is considered one of the most influential people inย  American history. And you get a town.

#2 – I love that in a town heavily involved in the Civil War there’s a brewery called Abolitionist Ale Works.

The Hubster tried a flight of beer and I had a cider.

We love them all!


We headed back to the hotel after our adventure and decided to relax. I started reading a book and was super happy to have this view – a cozy fire with The Hubster next to me.


I had an absolutely amazing (uh-mazing) 4 course dinner.

I had a beet salad, bacon pea soup, melt in your mouth chicken, and chocolate mousse cake with toasted marshmallows.

My tummy is hungry for this again right now. ๐Ÿ™‚


We couldn’t really escape the food the next morning – even though I kind of wanted to.

We had this awesome goat cheese and spinach frittata. I couldn’t turn that down!

After breakfast, we took a short drive to a nearby town to visit/have lunch with The Hubster’s brother and sister-in-law.

We planned to meet them at Deliurium Cafeย but we were super early. So what were we to do but order brunch cocktails and take funny selfies? hahaha

I had a mimosa and The Hubster had a Flemish beer.


The Prince in it tells Julia Stiles’s character that he speaks Flemish. She immediately asks him if there’s a country called Flem.

I asked the Hubster the same question and good old Google told us that it’s a language spoken in Bavaria – like German and Belgium.

Got it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m super bummed we didn’t get any pictures with Jon and Jess. We had a great time catching up with them, though.

It was a great March trip. Can’t wait for April! ๐Ÿ™‚

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